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Builders fined over Sunshine Coast work safety hazard
ActiveKIT keeps Queenslanders moving
Company and director fined $320,000 after unprotected fall
More adults are falling every year, despite prevention efforts
Abattoir fined $35,000 after worker’s fall
Falls in care homes can be significantly reduced with intervention, says new study
Construction company fined $320,000 in Ballantine fall case
UConn Health Minute: Fall Prevention
Vibration training for multiple sclerosis
No working at heights safety measures costs construction and roofing company dearly
Solar installer fined $500,000 for multiple unsafe worksites
Developer fined for multiple safety breaches
Manufacturer fined following worker’s fall
Death, injuries spark falls safety warning
Painter fined over skylight fall
DAF kicks off 2021 Fall Prevention Focus
New WHO report to bolster global action to prevent shocking rates of falls
Virtual reality could help improve balance in older people
Construction company fined for unsafe worksite
Standingtall: a new e-health exercise programme helps prevent falls in older people by up to 20%
UBC Okanagan researcher discusses approaches to keep seniors’ injuries to a minimum
Tip fined $45,000 following serious fall
Crane antics land truss maker $40,000 fine
Working at heights is a risky business
Toolkit to Engage Patients and Families Significantly Reduced Falls and Injuries
Vitamin D and Omega-3s Bolster Health in Some Active Older People
No reduction in fractures seen in falls prevention programmes prescribed to older people
University of Canterbury inventors win big at NZ’s first HealthTech innovation challenge
Recycling company fined after two workers injured
Balancing act: Falls are often early signal of underlying health problems in older adults
Construction company fined $850,000 after fatal fall
UBCO awards support students throughout summer
U.S. Air Force Fall Prevention Focus hits home
Large-Scale Fall Prevention Study Finds Smaller Than Expected Benefit
Fine increased on appeal
Solar company fined after worker’s deadly fall
Build Aware inspections around Warrnambool
Falls leave three men in hospital
Fatal fall from height while working on air conditioning system
Company fined $120,000 for unsafe worksite
Construction companies plead guilty over 3-metre fall
Demolition company fined $75,000 after worker’s fall
$4.2 million CDC grant to expand injury-prevention research