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Pharmacist-administered flu vaccination age lowered in WA
Paramedics union release
BHI shows effect of early flu season
Help protect elderly during flu season
Flu vaccines have run out for immunisation session today – 5 June 2019
Say ‘boo to flu’ with a free flu vaccine
Territorians urged to protect themselves against flu
Virus Killing Novaerus Plasma Technology Brought To Australia To Assist With 2019 Winter
Don’t forget your flu shot
Flu shot: explained
New single vaccination approach to killer diseases
Winter Plan to ease health system pressure
Safeguard against flu season: book your immunisation online today
Flu virus’ best friend: low humidity
Worst flu season ever approaching but still no winter health plan from Liberals
GSK-Pfizer consumer healthcare deal not opposed
You never forget flu
Commission grants clearance for GSK to acquire Pfizer’s consumer healthcare business
World Immunisation Week: Vaccines Work
Where is Ferguson’s winter health and hospitals plan?
Flu prevention and winter planning
Stop spread of flu this winter
Any day in May is great to vaccinate against flu
Delivery Now service offers Brisbane grocery delivery in under two hours
Free flu vaccine distribution
Public Health Week 2019
Teens can now get flu jab at pharmacies
Vaccination and antivirals: tools to prevent and treat flu
Guild put profits above patients in latest lobby attempt
Beat Flu – Flu season is coming – City of Casey
Summer flu strikes aged care facilities
Ministerial Message – Pharmacist Awareness Month
People will die in NSW hospitals due to NSW state government underfunding
Australian companies working to offset $7 billion productivity losses through flu vaccination programs
Children’s vaccine 87% effective against circulating flu strain
Summer flu surge continues
Flu hitches a ride home to NSW with travellers
Children with chronic lung diseases at higher risk of flu hospitalisation
Children with chronic lung diseases at higher risk of flu hopsitalisation
Long weekend drinks and your medicines may be a dangerous cocktail
UK flu levels according to PHE statistics: 2018 to 2019
NHS better equipped for winter with £420 million funding
Extra Health funding announced to meet increasing demand
Time to stop the blame game and take antibiotic resistance seriously
NZ marks 100 years since flu outbreak in Samoa
Don’t Miss the Signs of a Breaking Spine, Warns IOF
Helping Victorians With Mental Health Conditions
STORY OPP: TerryWhite Chemmart confirms flu vac supply