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Diet and Health innovation boosted by new funding and partnership
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Nature-positive food systems: climate change safety net
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Priya Iyer’s PhD research helps spinal cord injury patients manage cardiovascular health risks
Study underscores need for food literacy, national school food program
Innovative food program to kick off in regional WA
Researchers map environmental pressures of global production for all foods on land and ocean
High-sugar diet decreases sweetness in rats
New survey: 91% of parents say their family is less stressed when they eat together
Calculating carbon cost of food wastage
Low-calorie sugar substitute consumption during adolescence appears to impair memory later in life
Video-based program successful in treating children with obesity
Nutritionally Balanced and Whole Food-based Fiber-rich Diet is Beneficial to Gut Health
Researchers estimate environmental impacts of 57,000 common store-bought food products
Dudes put cool new spin on Snow White
Significant dining expansion unveiled at SFU Burnaby
UK Government seeks views on reducing livestock methane production
Covid has made us more sustainable
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