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UKAEA CEO is a finalist in Blavatnik Awards for Young Scientists
Renewable energy market briefing Japan
Bite marks in fossils reveal demise of our early relatives
Davey Street development approved
Energy transition in industrial sector often overlooked
World-first trade agreement will kick start end to fossil fuel subsidies, say Greens
History of living fossil revealed by large-scale sequencing study
Review to continue improvements in bio-waste sector
Solar cells of tomorrow come in all colours and patterns
Michael Kors Unveils Next Generation Smartwatches With Three Dynamic New Platforms
Summer Blackouts Linked to Fossil Fuels
Scientists want to create a geological monument in Yakutia
Composition of fossil insect eyes surprises researchers
Sex appeal helped dinosaurs take flight
Next-gen membranes for carbon capture
O’Connor and Brown in lockstep on Robbins Island hypocrisy
CMU To Send Mini-Time Capsule of Humankind to Moon
Blockchain Start-up RENDBO Ready to Launch Pre-ICO
Great Australian Bight must be protected
HESTA announces good result for members
Greens silent on Bob Brown’s hypocrisy
Out of Africa and into an archaic human melting pot
Ancient defence strategy continues to protect plants from pathogens
Ancient Molar Points to Interbreeding Between Archaic Humans and Homo Sapiens in Asia
Citing public anger and youth activism, OECD Secretary-General urges governments to heed calls for climate action
SA Voters Reject Privatisation, Believe it Caused Energy Price Rises
Gas & coal extraction dominates Australia’s rising emissions
Some crocs of past were plant eaters
Solar carpark coming to Mullumbimby
Blue colour tones in fossilised prehistoric feathers
Hue times two: a second look at color of dinosaur eggs
DOE Tasks CMU with Securing Energy Grid with Blockchains
Mammals and their relatives thrived
Toyota: most valuable automotive brand
Breathing new life into dye-sensitized solar cells
Carbon-neutral fuels move a step closer
Chasing losses: Australia’s bad bet on Adani
Statement on Australian Greens MPs Party Room Meeting
Invest in renewables and Newstart, not tax cuts, to solve today’s economic problems: Greens
First-of-its-kind ammonite in amber offers rare glimpse of ancient sea life
Happy World Environment Day
Government Climate Data Withheld
Council investing in 5-megawatt solar farm for clean energy future
University researchers shorten path to capturing and recycling CO2 with new process
Greater transparency needed over lobbyist influence on UK renewable energy schemes
Things to Do, May 24-31, 2019
Blue tongue lizard ancestor was round in tooth
G7 nations pledge to end fossil fuel subsidies by 2025