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An excellent return, reduced costs and all investments in fossil fuels divested
Victorians would receive $10,000 eco-bonus for switch to EVs, under Greens plan
Micro-organisms convert organic waste into high-grade fatty acids
Thumb dexterity helped spark development of human culture
Seven men arrested for Mornington abalone haul
All-purpose dinosaur opening reconstructed for first time
Spectacular fossil discovery: 150 million-year-old shark was one of largest of its time
Ancient DNA reveals secrets of Game of Thrones wolves
Research reveals how teeth functioned and evolved in giant mega-sharks
Master of disguise is new genus and species of cylindrical bark beetle
New process more efficiently recycles excess CO2 into fuel, study finds
Urgent need to preserve wetlands to prevent greenhouse gas emissions
Transport Emissions Returning to Pre-Covid Highs
Making better catalysts by understanding water
Electricity market reforms needed
Study resolves position of fleas on tree of life
Conservative thinktank planning for end of coal shows urgency for transition planning
Future Fund must divest from Adani
Macquarie structures senior secured debt facility for Green Frog Power
Global electricity demand to rebound modestly in 2021 after historic shock from pandemic
New Oxfam figures show richest Australians create more emissions than all Pacific Islanders
Theoretical limit in recycling rates for plastic packages scientifically established
Low-carbon generation is becoming cost competitive, NEA and IEA say in new report
Fossil provides insights into origins of flight Research reveals earliest flight-related moulting strategy
Why do elephants and tigers still roam in India? Study offers clues
Net-zero targets will signal serious ambition: Oxfam
Study shows promising material can store solar energy for months or years
Earth’s wild grazers can’t keep up with effects of nutrient pollution
ARU pledges to cut carbon to zero by 2045
Community panel: Tackling transport emissions
Global dialogues to boost climate work
Major milestone on University journey to zero-carbon
UKEF signs new export partnership with UAE
Study measures Switzerland’s potential geothermal heating capacity
HPC4Energy Innovation kicks off fall 2020 solicitation
New semiconductor coating may pave way for future green fuels
Way of future: Tackling transport emissions
“Cradle of Mankind” – can you help to transcribe African vertebrate fossil specimen cards into a database
Study reveals how to improve natural gas production in shale
New fossil seal species rewrites history
Big battery an important step towards a renewable future, but plan for coal still needed
Easier way to create biodiesel developed
Geologist helps confirm date of earliest land plants on Earth
Fossil poop shows fishy lunches from 200 million years ago
Modern computational tools open new era of fossil pollen research
Queenslanders Want Sun Powering Their State
Denisovan DNA in genome of early East Asians
Chemical Scissors Snip 2D Transition Metal Dichalcogenides into Nanoribbon