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Mapping our wasted heat
An act of vandalism
Labour’s energy policy shows progress, but more action needed to protect planet
Time for vote on ICAC bill one year on
Health groups: Senate must block government environment law changes to protect health
Health groups: Senate must block government environment law changes to protect health
University of Helsinki investment return over 6% during first half of 2020
Substantial investment in renewable energies required to achieve GHG reduction targets
A rare look at a dinosaur baby inside its egg
Understanding past warming can limit climate change effects
Young Queenslanders in Human Rights Win Over Clive Palmer Mine
Government’s dirty DEEDS WITH clean bank
Health groups critical of rushed environment laws
Firefighters exposed to more potentially harmful chemicals than previously thought
Novel 3D-printed device demonstrates enhanced capture of carbon dioxide emissions
A key to cheaper renewable fuels: keeping iron from rusting
Renewables on track to provide a third of Queensland’s power by 2025: new research
Electric vehicles to help drive Tasmania’s COVID-19 recovery
Agriculture replaces fossil fuels as largest human-driven source of sulfur in environment
Fossil rivalry, deadly slime and kitchen astrophysics
Mine rehabilitation in Victoria not happening due to government failures
Prehistoric predators, satellite selfies, reclaiming dark skies, and more
AEMO report: we can transition to renewables without new gas
Splitting water efficiently with one single atom
Questions in museums as a trigger to learn
World’s largest study shows carbon pricing reduces emissions
Crown of Thorns funding is bandaid solution while climate crisis is ignored
HKUST Study Finds City Lockdown Improves Air Quality May Delay 24,000 – 36,000 Early Death Cases
Greens energy policies; positive for working Kiwis
Green Party unveils Clean Energy Plan
Ionic Liquid Bursts Open Wood Fibres In Minutes
Farmers for climate action commend Kristy mcbain on election win, urges her to be strong voice on climate
Post-COVID-19 Green Recovery Must Embrace Sustainable Aviation Fuels
Nt PUTS Australia on TRACK for net-zero climate target
It’s time to address Australia’s export fossil fuel emissions
Equity Trustees appointed RE for SG Hiscock and Morgan Stanley global equity funds
Dirty Secret: Fossil Fuels Worst Performing Sector in Stockmarket
New study shows iconic golden eagle was once common throughout Wales
Climate Change Primary Concern For Eden-Monaro’s Farmers
Bizarre saber-tooth predator from South America was no saber-tooth cat
Another Green win as climate change considerations inserted into RMA
“Kangaroo Hop” trend of oceanic elements led to explosion of life
Response to reports of staffing reductions
DTU leading EU’s biggest battery research project
‘Kangaroo Hop’ trend of ancient oceanic elements led to explosion of life
ALP NEEDS climate vision
Climate wars won’t end by surrendering
Solar panels installed on Aquamoves and Shepparton Saleyards rooftops