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Experts call for health over profit in Lancet series
States Must Act on Climate Now: UN Expert Warns
Majority Backs Ban on New Gas & Coal, Little Support for Offsets: Poll
Green Hydrogen: Water Splitting May Compete with Fossil Fuels
New-sized mammals are more often at risk of extinction
University publishes endowment investments climate report
Supply chains – next step in energy sector decarbonisation
Australians Still Being Gaslit Over Gas Supply Issues
Interest-Free Loans Can Help With Electricity Price Spike: Climate Council
Interest-Free Loans Can Help Combat Electricity Price Spike: Climate Council
Serbia Gets World Bank Support for Green Transition, Public Finance
Canberra’s Fossil Fuel Gas Phase-Out Plan Consultation Opens
Canberra’s Transition to Fossil-Fuel Free Gas Consultation
New data: oil and gas emissions still on rise
Woodside Climate Report: Poor Performance
Leg Assembly Passes Land & Works Bill 2022
Nanoparticles Gather Sunlight for Energy Harvesting
Proteins are not distributed equally in ancient teeth
Iron, Cobalt Oxyhydroxides Examined at BESSY II for Electrocatalysis
New Pt-Based Nanocatalysts Could Boost Oxygen Reduction Reactions
Cobalt Porphyrin Boosts Oxygen Reduction, Evolution Electrocatalysis
Ashurst advises Patrimonium on growth financing for Enapter AG
Insect Bite Marks Reveal Leaf Retraction Evidence
Potential derailing of Safeguard Mechanism history repeats
Protecting bats with better wind turbine control
Origin Exit Leaves Kimberley Coast at Risk of LNG Proposal
Company to replace natural gas with electricity
Research Reveals Early Diagenesis of Fossil Land Snail Shells in China
Size of insects are shaped by temperature and predators
Deadline for Glencore to Appeal Glendell Coal Mine Expansion Elapses
Climate Group response to oil and gas profits
AWU Demands Heavy Industry Inclusion in Safeguard Mechanism
Microwaves Could Boost Chemical Industry Sustainability
Is your cost of living just about to get higher?
No safeguard welcome mat for new coal and gas
Govt urged to help Aussies ditch gas for homes – Climate Council
Greens not on board with fossil fuel subsidy
Seawater split to produce green hydrogen
Remaking capitalism takes action, not just words
MSU Researchers Develop Biofuel Crops to Reduce Fossil Fuel Use
Cardboard with more sustainable coating
Exploring Origins of Cave-Forming Acid Revealed
Increase in accommodation bookings during December
Plate Tectonics: 21st Century Perspective
ExxonMobil Predicted Global Warming: Analysis Reveals
Greenpeace Welcomes Appointment of COP28 President
Australia Institute: Remove Low Carbon Credits from Safeguard Mechanism
Mysterious Cretaceous Bird Discovered with Unusual Features