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Perplexing fish-like fossil finally classified
Total blockade: Climate activists stop TotalEnergies’ AGM, demanding it abandons fossil fuels
Assessing impact of loss mechanisms in solar cell candidate
Kielder Salmon Centre reopens after almost two years
How shark teeth can decipher evolutionary processes
100 per cent electric
Diesel uncertainty fuels concern for farmers
Fossil discovery finds that trilobites had clasper-like limbs used for mating
University ends investments in coal, oil and gas and reduces carbon intensity of its investments by 37%
Precise control of atomic arrangement may mean less waste in producing plastic
Labor exempts coal mines, reality from climate policy
Game Changers On Climate
Allens advises on project financing of Palau Solar and Battery Project
New AEMO report: More renewables and storage needed to replace fossil fuels
Doctors for Environment host Boothby candidates forum
Affordable and productive electrolysis from 3D printer 12 April
Greens in Senate will ensure buybacks are restored to save River Murray
New basal ichthyosauromorph from Lower Triassic of Zhebao
Bomb-14C Traces Air-Sea CO2 Flux in South China Sea
Affordable and productive electrolysis from 3D printer
Museum for kids sets sail to Westfield Bondi
IPCC says it’s “now or never” to quit coal and gas – or last drinks for a liveable planet
New Strategy Enables Successive Cleavage and Functionalization of C-C Bonds in Alcohols
Public Supports Shift away from Fossil Fuels Despite Rising Energy Prices, Global Survey Finds
Fuel Tax Credit is not subsidy
Researchers Realize Laboratory Analog for Collision of Outflow with Dense Clouds
Macquarie Asset Management and BCI invest in National Grid gas transmission and metering
New study finds giant predatory dinosaurs could hunt underwater
Electric Vehicle Resale Prices Surge
New homes in Victoria shouldn’t be forced to connect to gas
All our clothing will be made from plants, just like in 1900
Research on ecological effects of sand extraction granted in NWA ORC-call
New method to bimetallic catalysis enhances rate through electrochemical communication
Ancient ancestors evolved to be strong and snappy, study finds
Ancient ancestors evolved to be strong and snappy
Direct payments, instead of fossil fuel subsidies
New genus of ancient waterfowl discovered
Greens introduce bill to ban offshore drilling in Victoria
Researchers reconstruct ancient fish lizard
Tooth study prompts rethink of human evolution
Global plastics treaty: big, bold step to end plastic pollution
Darwinian theory of gradual process explained in new research
On World Hearing Day, Signia’s Rechargeable Range Brings Hearing Aid Sustainability
Tyrannosaurus remains hint at two possible species distinct from T. rex
Flue gas desulfurization process in powder-particle spouted beds simulated by adjusted mesoscale drag model is more accurate
Using corals to gauge Singapore’s sea-level history
Morrison can’t see forest for trees
Energy transition could be headed for ‘valley of death,’ says report