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Climate protection, preservation of biodiversity and social justice – these tasks can only be solved in triad
End Fossil Fuel Subsidies: G7 Governments
Momentum Building Among Fortune 500 Around Climate Action, but Not at Scale Required
COP President-Designate outlines progress made at G7 Climate and Environment Ministerial
Newly Identified Young Stars in a Nearby Association
IEA says no new oil, gas or coal – Greenpeace response
Perfect blend: Optimizing gas mixtures for hydrogen storage in clathrate hydrates
International Methane Emissions Observatory as a catalyst for global methane emissions reduction
Green Party welcomes KiwiSaver fossil fuel and illegal weapons exclusion
New default KiwiSaver settings designed to benefit members
Aged Care Budget:: Neglect Continues
UO graduates identify a new species of saber-toothed giant
Young people spell out “Fund Our Future Not Gas” in candle-lit message on Parliament lawn
Study helps to better understand link between indoor and outdoor air quality
Gas network pricing announcement provides clarity, call to action for just energy transition
Taylor’s coal plan is fossil fuel ideology gone mad
Ship tracks show how aerosols affect clouds fast and slow
NSW’s $10 Billion Annual Climate Bill: Coal Exporters Should Pay, Not Households & Business
Charger cuts emissions – Mosman
Statement on electricity prices
From dinner to sustainable electronics, surprising versatility of crabs
Polarized photovoltaic properties emerge
Crib Point gas terminal decision a huge win for community and climate
An excellent return, reduced costs and all investments in fossil fuels divested
Victorians would receive $10,000 eco-bonus for switch to EVs, under Greens plan
Micro-organisms convert organic waste into high-grade fatty acids
Thumb dexterity helped spark development of human culture
Seven men arrested for Mornington abalone haul
All-purpose dinosaur opening reconstructed for first time
Spectacular fossil discovery: 150 million-year-old shark was one of largest of its time
Ancient DNA reveals secrets of Game of Thrones wolves
Research reveals how teeth functioned and evolved in giant mega-sharks
Master of disguise is new genus and species of cylindrical bark beetle
New process more efficiently recycles excess CO2 into fuel, study finds
Urgent need to preserve wetlands to prevent greenhouse gas emissions
Transport Emissions Returning to Pre-Covid Highs
Making better catalysts by understanding water
Electricity market reforms needed
Study resolves position of fleas on tree of life
Conservative thinktank planning for end of coal shows urgency for transition planning
Future Fund must divest from Adani
Macquarie structures senior secured debt facility for Green Frog Power
Global electricity demand to rebound modestly in 2021 after historic shock from pandemic
New Oxfam figures show richest Australians create more emissions than all Pacific Islanders
Theoretical limit in recycling rates for plastic packages scientifically established
Low-carbon generation is becoming cost competitive, NEA and IEA say in new report
Fossil provides insights into origins of flight Research reveals earliest flight-related moulting strategy
Why do elephants and tigers still roam in India? Study offers clues