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Looking for exoplanet life in all right spectra
Heavyweight in heart of Abell 85 central galaxy
Travis AFB Airmen train for arctic weather
Computer simulations help develop medical treatment for skin conditions
New center illuminates ‘microscopic universe within each cell’
Stellar black holes much bigger than previously thought, study finds
Ready to launch… a whole new adventure
International team of astronomers discovers giant magnetic ropes in a galaxy’s halo
Scientists close inch closer than ever to signal from cosmic dawn
Rochester cosmology group has all eyes on dark matter
MacDill AFB supports joint force exercise
Durham ranked in world top 100 for Physical Sciences
New Geochemistry Technique Yields Clues about Earth’s Earliest Days
MAGIC telescopes see most epic explosion
Gamma-ray bursts with a high radiant power
Women in STEM: Amy Rankine
Phoenix cluster is cooling faster than expected
Spin doctors: Astrophysicists find when galaxies rotate, size matters
Giant Margarita launches game world Takeover
Could mysteries of antimatter and dark matter be linked?
Five thousand eyes on sky
Tender release for Australia’s new research supercomputer
Milky Way’s big black hole hurls star to infinity and beyond
Pine Mountain Observatory: Revealing a universe of wonders
Researchers exploring origins of interstellar visitors
Western-led team investigates interstellar bodies originating from beyond our solar system
Researchers have tracked a black hole near red giant star
Moonbeam adds a big bang of flavor to Galaxy tomatoes
HKU astronomy research team unveils one origin of globular clusters around giant galaxies
New Study Sheds Light on Conditions that Trigger Supernovae Explosions
Cornell partners in NSF grant for astrophysics institute
Scientists may just have discovered a new class of black holes
New telescope instrument sheds light on Dark Energy
5,000 “eyes” will track expansion of Universe
Astronomers discover ghosts of supernovas in nearby galaxy
DESI Opens Its 5000 Eyes to Capture Colors of Cosmos
Something Fold, Something New: Flip out on Samsung Galaxy Fold with Optus
DESI opens its 500 eyes to capture colors of cosmos
From new fusion developments to surprises in astrophysics
Telescope instrument opens its 5,000 eyes for first time
Hubble captures galaxies’ ghostly gaze
5,000 “eyes” try to solve mystery of dark energy
DESI Opens Its 5,000 Eyes to Capture Colors of Cosmos
Relocation of school to former toxic waste site poses unacceptable risk to people, bushland and Manly Dam
DOE funds new physics research in dark matter
EROSITA delivers first striking images
‘Relocation SRON only offers opportunities’
Super Spirals Spin Super Fast