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New relationship and sexuality resources will empower school teachers to implement updated guidelines
Pandemic Risks Widening Gender Gaps in Georgia, Says World Bank
UNAIDS Board adopts new global AIDS strategy which paves way to end AIDS by 2030
UNDP launches Gender and Crisis Engagement Facility
Endemic violence against women ‘cannot be stopped with a vaccine’ – WHO chief
Devastatingly pervasive: 1 in 3 women globally experience violence
Significant gender disparities revealed in COVID-19 clinical trial leadership
Gift supports Cornell’s Tanzanian cassava efforts
In Ethiopia, Mother’s Wealth More Protective Against Child Marriage Than Father’s
‘Be a Man’: Why Some Men Respond Aggressively to Threats to Manhood
Challenge stigma, pursue your right to health
Astonishing story of Afghanistan’s visionary moviemakers and films we almost never got to
Can art reduce prejudice about female leaders?
Is self-employment good for parents?
UNM researchers show gender norms that favor women reverse gender disparities in health
Female sexual agency as a tool in advertising – how advertisers are appropriating “feminism” to sell
UK in India Pledge for Progress
What you need to know about school violence and bullying
Gender inequalities accelerate during early adolescence, study finds
Early adolescence central to gender inequality in Asia-Pacific
UNESCO report illustrates leap forward in girls’ education over past
COVID-19 causing greatest surge of child marriages in
Launch of Mekong-U.S. Partnership: Expanding U.S. Engagement with Mekong Region
How UNESCO’s functional literacy class is empowering girls in Nepal
Women’s Index finds economic equality now 36 years away, up from 32 years pre-COVID
Belief in Masculine Stereotypes Linked to Violence, Suicide
Almost Half of US Teens Have Been Stalked or Harassed by Their Partners
Amb Pruce’s Speech at Forum on Youths’ SOGIE & Mental Health
Researchers in Cambodia Receive Award for Innovative Approach to Help Prevent and Respond to Gender-Based Violence
Researchers in Cambodia Receive Award for Innovative Approach to Help Prevent and Respond to Gender-Based Violence
Thousands of women have run out of tampons and pads under lockdown – time to talk about sustainable period products…
Baby blues hit men too
Vanderbilt partnership with Nashville Ballet examines changing ideas of masculinity and gender
Women’s salaries plummet after giving birth. Here’s one way to restore their earning power
$4 million investment in health projects for culturally diverse Australians
Women quotas in politics lead to unintended consequences
Reflect Respect: especially when staying at home
Exhibit explores history, diversity of manga
Stay-at-home dads call for change