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Young Womens Oophorectomy Linked to Raised Parkinsons Risk
AI Aids Manchester Scientists in Comprehending CHD
Novobiocin Fights BRCA-Mutated Cancer Cells Inside and Out: Study
HMS Scientists Developing Therapy for Genetic Frontotemporal Dementia
Seeking leukemia’s Achilles heel
Researchers Reveal 3D Structure of p53 Protein: Guarding Genome
Drug Reverses Key Schizophrenia Symptoms in Mice
Strategy Found to Induce Cancer Cell Death: Research
Pediatric Cancer Survivors More Prone to Clonal Hematopoiesis
Genome editing procedures optimized
Polygamous Birds Have Fewer Mutations
Mutation Affects Protein Movements in Autism Cases
Genome Guardian Shields Against Heart Disease
Cause of Mysterious Epilepsy in Children Discovered: Study
NanoTech Could Enhance Gene Therapy for Blindness
2 Billion Infected: Vitamin D May Help
Targeting tau, other protein behind Alzheimer’s disease
Low-fat diet could be key to stopping cancer growth
Aging is driven by unbalanced genes
Staph infection-induced kidney disease may be linked to bacterial gene mutation
Scientists reveal new DNA repair mechanism for key cancer targets
Localising BRCA gene mutations to better treat ovarian cancer
ERC Starting Grant awarded to three University of Helsinki researchers
Novel approach to treat and prevent Type 2 diabetes
Lynparza in combination with abiraterone recommended for approval
Research illuminates why cancers caused by BRCA mutations recur
Why Cancers Caused by BRCA Mutations Recur
$1.5 million gift supports Canine Genetics Lab at MU
NIH researchers home in on new cause of Stargardt disease
NIH scientists discover essential step in recharging eye’s light-sensing retina
Researchers find gene mutations in scleroderma patients that could point to new treatments
Scientist Teams Up with Families to Find Treatment for Rare Disease
Genetic testing helps detect children likely to have heart failure and require transplant
$9 million to fund study of ‘jumping genes’ in Alzheimer’s
Scientists discover mechanism of hearing
Gene mutations should be tested routinely for ovarian cancer, say scientists
Pfizer Announces Positive Topline Results from Phase 3 TALAPRO-2 Trial
Drug Turns Cancer Gene Into “Eat Me” Flag for Immune System
Revealing one of mechanisms by which thyroid cancer becomes resistant to lenvatinib-a molecularly targeted drug
Researchers discover how air pollution may trigger lung cancer in never-smokers
Researchers use computer modeling to understand how self-renewal processes impact skin cell evolution
AstraZeneca aims to transform cancer outcomes with new data across industry-leading portfolio at ESMO 2022
Lynparza in combination with abiraterone granted Priority Review in US for patients with metastatic castration-resistant prostate
Buck Institute scientists uncover new role for blood-brain barrier in neuron function and damage
Phase 2 study of lung cancer gene panel testing demonstrates cytological specimens accurate
Iron buildup in brain linked to higher risk for movement disorders
How ADAR1 mutation leads to self-destructive inflammation
There’s special place in Hevin for ER secretion