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AstraZeneca aims to transform cancer care with practice-changing data at ASCO 2022
Epilepsy drug stops nervous system tumor growth in mice
Epilepsy drug stops nervous system tumor growth
Navigating From Genome to Clinic Using ‘Cell Maps’
Researcher reveals new insights on link between genetic mutations and biological evolution
Bacteria with recording function capture gut health status
New Initiative to Develop Personalized Therapies for People with Rare Genetic Forms of ALS
CHOP Oncologists Recognized at 2022 ASPHO Conference
Life-saving new approaches for mesothelioma cancer recommended
How bot beamed from California to Japan may prevent cancer patients from losing their breasts unnecessarily
Enhertu granted Priority Review in US for patients with previously treated HER2-mutant metastatic non-small cell lung cancer
Genetic analysis provides insights into cause of hydrocephalus, or “water on brain”
NCI-COG Pediatric MATCH study shows benefit of genetic screening in refractory tumors
New gene targets for treating adult blood cancer
AstraZeneca aims to transform oncology treatment landscape with diverse early pipeline and novel combinations
When and how mutant clones expand in normal endometrium
New discovery in bone marrow cancer points to potential drug targets
Protective immune cells active decades before symptom onset
Novel CRISPR Imaging Technology Reveals Genes Controlling Tumor Immunity
Fruit fly study uncovers functional significance of gene mutations associated with autism
Sotrovimab shown to cause Covid treatment-resistant mutations
MD Anderson research highlights for March 9, 2022
Study of Rare Disease Reveals Insights on Immune System Response Process
Why multiple myeloma returns
Genome Refolding Contributes to Cancer Therapy Resistance, Penn Study Finds
Genomic regulatory map of zebrafish
MRI may lower breast cancer death from variants in 3 genes
MRI may lower breast cancer deaths from variants in 3 genes
Lynparza plus abiraterone reduced risk of disease progression by 34% vs. standard-of-care in 1st-line metastatic
Different autism risk genes, same effects on brain development
NIH study advances personalized immunotherapy for metastatic breast cancer
Study finds higher risk in families of black patients with inherited heart muscle disease
Research reveals higher risk in families of Black patients with inherited heart muscle disease
Blocking sphingolipids counteracts muscular dystrophy
Male carriers of BRCA1 and BRCA2 gene mutation also at risk of multiple cancers: study
MD Anderson and Eisbach Bio announce strategic collaboration to develop medicines targeting epigenetic machinery
AstraZeneca aims to redefine liver, biliary tract and prostate cancer treatment with practice-changing Imfinzi and Lynparza data
Obesity might lead to cancer. Now we know why
Study finds Rwandan genocide chemically modified DNA of victims and victims’ offspring
PBS listing for BRAFTOVI + cetuximab for metastatic bowel cancer patients with BRAFV600 mutation
Is energy key to Alzheimer’s disease?
Development of New Gastric Cancer Model: Identification of Gastric Cancer Stem Cells
Scientists develop new approach to analyzing complex genetics underlying spina bifida
New approach to analyzing genetics underlying spina bifida
Tumors differ depending on age of cancer patients
It’s not all in their DNA: cancer cells with same genome can behave differently
CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing boosts effectiveness of ultrasound cancer therapy
Research uncovers how damaged nucleus re-seals and repairs itself