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Research suggests women over 65 be offered hereditary cancer genetic testing
Dynamic heart model mimics hemodynamic loads, advances engineered heart tissue technology
New discoveries reveal how acute myeloid leukemia walks line between growth and cell death
Research finds MET amplification as driver for some non-small cell lung cancers
Risks of antidepressant use during pregnancy
Impairments found in neurons derived from people with schizophrenia and genetic mutation
An ‘astounding’ find reveals a rare cause of epilepsy
Scientists reveal how cauliflowers develop their unique shape
New Alzheimer’s treatment targets identified
Brain research uncovers “perfect storm” linked to neurodegenerative disease
First Ever Drug Treatment for Aggressive Pediatric Bone Disease Nears FDA Approval
UT Southwestern scientists closing in on map of mammalian immune system
Personalized medicine for cats with heart disease
At what temperature weather becomes a problem
Some brain disorders exhibit similar circuit malfunctions
This adorable mouse was considered extinct for over 100 years – until we found it hiding in plain sight
Fast IR imaging-based AI identifies tumor type in lung cancer
International study of rare childhood cancer finds genetic clues, potential for tailored therapy
Novel gene editing in mice shows promise in treating Duchenne muscular dystrophy
Genetic counseling program helps patients take control of their health
Investigational Alzheimer’s drug improves biomarkers of disease
Targeted Therapy for ‘Undruggable’ Lung Cancer Stems from Decades of UCSF Research
Murrumba Downs mum battling rare cancer-like illness seeks support
Researchers identify gene responsible for increased risk of infantile fragility
MD Anderson research highlights for June 16, 2021
Computer method to help predict outcomes for heart patients
Black and White Women Have Same Mutations Linked to Breast Cancer Risk
New study gives clue to cause, and possible treatment of Parkinson’s Disease
Breast cancer risk in African-Americans tied to genetic variations
Researchers develop antibody drug that could treat diabetic retinopathy
Study of hyperhomocysteinemia in rats elucidates tracks to treating migraine
Ludwig Cancer Research study employs novel drug screen to identify a potential individualized triple-negative breast cancer therapy
People with HIV are at higher risk of ageing-related genetic changes
Fruit fly links sleep problems in autism to glial cells, blood-brain-barrier and serotonin
Optic nerve firing may spark growth of vision-threatening childhood tumor
Researchers Create Search Engine Linking Diseases and Observable Traits
Discovery of a new genetic cause of hearing loss illuminates how inner ear works
New biobank provides insights into Parkinson’s disease
New use of imaging technique could allow early detection of aortic aneurysms
Small uveal melanomas ‘not always harmless’, study finds
Small uveal melanomas ‘not always harmless’, ground breaking study finds
Multi-gene testing could detect more hereditary cancer syndromes
Teaching a computer program to track cells
Penn Researchers Use Arcuate Organoids to Study Development and Disease of Hypothalamus
New mapping technique reveals epigenetic drivers of cancers
Researchers use arcuate organoids to study development and disease of hypothalamus
A Break from Chemo: PARP Inhibitor Shrinks Tumors in Pancreatic Cancer Patients with Mutations
Single-cell map of early stage lung cancer and normal lung sheds light on tumor development, new therapeutic targets