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Gordon study on childhood malnutrition honored for its impact
New bonobo genome fine tunes great ape evolution studies
Changes in proteins play important role in aging kidneys
National Academy of Sciences Elects Two More UConn Scientists
Stem Cell and Genome Editing Core Merger Provides One-Stop Shop for Researchers
Chromosome 8 assembly reveals novel genes and disease risks
New human reference genomes reveal greater diversity
Molecular atlases reveal how human cells develop and grow
UConn Health Team to Investigate Link Between Gut Microbiome and Aging
Researcher Identifies Genetic Elements Involved in Heart Development
Brain and spine fluid proteomics may hold Alzheimer’s clues
New research reveals why low oxygen damages brain
New research reveals why low oxygen damages brain
NIH-funded center to study nucleome in time and space
Who’s tweeting about scientific research? And why?
First genetic sequencing of COVID in Quebec shows roots of outbreak
Researchers Call for International Collaboration on Parathyroid Cancer
Genome Hackers camp adapts to pandemic
Genome Hacker camp adapts to pandemic
Massive Project to Understand Our Genes Reveals Secrets of RNA
UConn Researchers Collaborate with Ovid Therapeutics on Genetic Therapy for Angelman Syndrome
UBC scientists sequencing genomes of Canadians with COVID-19
First end-to-end sequence of human X chromosome assembled
Case Western Reserve University-led team develops new approach to treat certain neurological diseases
Putting genomics into practice to combat common diseases
Study yields clues to how drug may boost aged mitochondria
Home testing for coronavirus detection in community
Technique tracks gene expression changes as cells change
Hot topics in UW Medicine science at AAAS meeting
Schizophrenia genetics analyzed in South African Xhosa
Technique shows how individual cancer cells react to drugs
Bacterial arms race may shape gut microbiome