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Georgia State researchers develop rapid computer software to track pandemics as they happen
Vibration training for multiple sclerosis
Technology’s impact on worker well-being
Researchers develop new sensor to capture calcium activity in cells
How we cracked a 400-year-old alchemical cipher
Watching Covid spread in animal models in real time
Frist Center for Autism and Innovation recognized by American Association for Access
Altered Functional Brain Network Connectivity Associated with Symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress
Helping special education teachers under stress
Study links Covid pandemic to an increase in intimate partner aggression
Host Proteins That Impair Ebola Virus Infection Identified by Biomedical Sciences Researchers
Artificial sweeteners enable delivery of carbon monoxide to treat organ injury
College of Education improves grade school reading tool
Intratumoral SIRPalpha-deficient macrophages activate tumor-specific cytotoxic T cells
Emory establishes new Brain Health Personalized Medicine Institute
Analyzing impact of college gameday homes in American south
Covid-19 Alters Gray Matter Volume in Brain, New Study Finds
COVID-19 alters gray matter volume in brain, new study shows
For twins, gesture and speech go hand-in-hand in language development
FSU researchers collaborate on NSF-funded science education project
Built Environment Exacerbating COVID-19 Pandemic, Researchers Argue
New Business Law Program Promises Answers To Tough Questions on Equality, Inclusion
Statewide Climate Solutions Powered by Georgia Tech Research Debut
International Team of Scientists Identifies Common Vulnerabilities Across Coronaviruses
Researchers Working Toward Equitable At-Home Reading Disability Intervention
From hip-hop to healthy soil: 56 University researchers receive Connaught New Researcher Award
Scientists discover warped disk ‘torn apart by stars’
Scientists discover a warped disc “torn apart by stars” in a triple Tatooine-like system
Faster, more efficient energy storage could stem from holistic study of layered materials
Georgia State Economist Receives $250,000 To Study Elderly Food Security, SNAP And Health Outcomes
Georgia State Researcher Receives $4 Million Grant To Use Brain Imaging, Genomic Data To Better Predict Mental Health Disorders