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UN Deputy Secretary-General launches new Global Development Hub at Imperial
Strengthening ties for affordable connectivity worldwide
Exploit plants’ ability to tell time to make food production more sustainable, say scientists
Illinois, Nebraska scientists propose improvements to precision crop irrigation
An industry with legs: Australia’s first edible insects roadmap
4 reasons insects could be a staple in Aussie diets, from zesty tree ants to peanut-buttery bogong moths
UBCO researcher re-evaluates estimate of world’s high-altitude population
Supporting food security and strengthening health systems
Major fly pest genetically modified in lab to produce more males
Producing sustainable protein
Six Charts Show Challenges Faced by Sub-Saharan Africa
CSL’s Plasma Protein Purification Challenge opens
‘Polluter elite’ should be UK climate policy target, finds report led by Sussex academic
DNA of lettuce unravelled: in 6000 years from weed to beloved vegetable
US$ 1.4 trillion lost every year to tobacco use – New tobacco tax manual shows ways to save lives
US$ 1.4 trillion lost every year to tobacco use – New tobacco tax manual shows ways to save money and build back better after
Latin American and Caribbean Countries Stress Importance of Producing Timely and Reliable Statistics for a Transformative Recovery
How MIT OpenCourseWare became an educational resource to millions around world
How is fintech helping digital entrepreneurs in developing countries?
Pfizer & BioNTech confirm six-month high efficacy, no serious safety concerns
Two thirds of farmland at risk of pesticide pollution
Raelians urge U.N. Member States ambassadors to support “Embassy for Extraterrestrials” project
Exploring variations in herpes virus symptoms
“Safeguarding water means safeguarding humanity,” says FAO Director-General QU Dongyu
Oceans under threat like never before, warns World Meteorological Organization
Wastewater and excreta an untapped resource for solving environmental risks
World Meteorological Day celebrates ocean, our climate and weather
New water and climate coalition seeks more integrated action
Take care of precious seasonal water flow
Billions without clean water and sanitation, a ‘moral failure’: UN General Assembly President
NSW ensures access to GM crop innovation
Six Imperial researchers awarded leading health honours
Digital health: Golden Globes, UN, and your best pitch
Plant clock could be key to producing more food for world
SMART develops analytical tools to enable next-generation agriculture
Education for all refugee children is within reach – finds World Bank-UNHCR report
International project to understand drivers of global flood hazard and risk supported by major NERC funding
New UNEP synthesis provides blueprint to urgently solve planetary emergencies and secure humanity’s future
Minority language speakers risk being left behind due to lack of multilingualism in COVID-19 education response
Minority language populations left behind due to lack of multilingualism education in emergency responses
1.8 billion people could be living with untreated vision impairments by 2050
Eye health is key for global development of healthier, more equitable world
Here’s how we can avoid an AI divide in healthcare
Drones reveal importance of sea cucumber poop in protecting coral reefs
Consecutive drop in new COVID-19 cases ‘encouraging news’: WHO
Research shows IdentiFlight camera technology greatly reduces wind turbine eagle fatalities
Tackling Digital Deserts: Launch of First Cross-Sector Alliance to Close Digital Divide
Ocean sharks and rays threatened with extinction