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Robot-assisted surgery enables world’s first uterus transplant birth
Healthcare worker gratitude practice boosts well-being, but has limits
Research: COVID-19 mRNA booster in early pregnancy doesn’t raise miscarriage risk
Mothers Staying Home Increased Breastfeeding by 2 Weeks
Abnormal Pap Tests Are Common, So What Do They Mean?
Cancer center launches new science hub called WeCARE
Research Explores Ways to Boost Diversity in Medical Residency Programs
Pandemic Increases Exhaustion in Maternal and Neonatal Care
Obstetricians more emotionally stable than most
Myths and truths about sexual assault
Taking Traditional Chinese Medicine During Pregnancy May Raise Birth Defects Risk
Geographic Disparities in Contraception Access
Women in Menopause Find Life-Altering Relief with Testosterone Treatment
Genetics of preterm birth and pregnancy length clarified
Clarification of genetics behind preterm birth and pregnancy length
What is Endometriosis?
Bezos Family Foundation Funds Parenthood Center Transition
Mothers’ Vaginal Microbiome Has No Effect on Babies’ Gut Microbiome
Girls Elevated returns for in-person, interactive experience
Metformin + Insulin No Better than Placebo in Pregnancy Outcomes
Baylor Med Students Strike Gold on Match Day ’23
Virtual Reality Aids Teaching of Obstetrics and Gynecology to Med Students
Pregnant Women with Anxiety Show Immune System Changes
Leading experts breaking barriers for women’s health
Decades-long suffering from obstetric injuries
Black patients wait longer for uterine cancer testing, diagnosis
Cannabis use early in pregnancy increases risk of poor outcomes
Fund for Health Invests in Twentyeight Health
UConn John Dempsey Hospital Wins 7 Women’s Choice Awards for Best Hospital
Sickle Cell Disease Increases Mortality Risk for Pregnant People
Baylor to host “Below Belt” documentary screening
Rural Pregnant Uninsured at Higher Risk of Poor Care
Link between Ovulation and Ovarian Cancer Revealed in Analysis
Creating Atals of Endometriosis Cells: Major Advancement
After 40 Years of Decline, Stroke Death Rates Are Rising Again
Blood Test Can Forecast Placenta Accreta Risk: Researchers
Examining Race, Ethnicity in OB/GYN Trials, Publications
Japanese Adults Benefit from Evening Soaks in Hot Springs
Inflammation may explain antidepressants’ link to preterm birth
Pregnancy Does Not Diminish Covid mRNA Vaccine Response
People with depression are less likely to have children
Postpartum visits declined during Covid, especially among Black, young and uninsured women
UC Davis Health adopts low pressure surgery systemwide
Prenatal Wellness Classes Cut Moms’ Depression in Half Up to 8 Years Later
New Group Created to Increase Representation and Belonging for Latino Community
Banning fruity flavors didn’t deter vapers
Research reveals that paxlovid can be safely used to reduce risk of severe covid in pregnant women
Accelerate treatment for pregnancy-related hypertension