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SARS-CoV-2 variants are evolving new ways to evade antibodies, vaccines
Q-FASTR awards spur early-stage research at HMS
What happens to our immune systems when we get booster?
Change in receiving flu shot after getting flu, shingles vaccine on same day previous year
Next generation mRNA vaccine shows improved protection against disease
Disulfiram, treatment for alcoholism, may cut severe SARS-CoV-2 infection
How inner dwellers of our gut affect our immunity
Pills may cut COVID hospitalizations, deaths
Scientists look to extinct genes to protect endangered species, climate
Vaccines safe and immunogenic in most people with cancer
As bacterial infections impervious to drugs rise, so does need to develop better antibiotics
Researchers have discovered neurons needed for acupuncture’s anti-inflammatory response
Catalyzing basic insights into treatments
What if scientists could predict significance of every human gene variant?
Scientists identify role of protein behind rare Norrie disease
HMS launching major efforts to find and deliver medicines of future
Global, collaborative trial seeks new ways to treat world’s leading infectious killer
First global guidelines proposed for ancient DNA research
Study finds kids to be potential spreaders of Covid, emerging variants
Symposium to highlight many paths toward better health, justice
International search focused on scientific achievement, commitment to HMS values
Covid pandemic has reshaped health and medicine in ways both dramatic and subtle
Researchers have uncovered mechanism that may explain why certain body parts are so sensitive
Nearly half of world’s population lacks access to basic diagnostics
Historians explore 150 years of social medicine at HMS
Origin of two neuron types reveals how some cellular diversity emerges in brain
Cancer strategies to evade immune system differ by tissue type, study suggests
Differences in cellular signaling offer clues to insulin resistance
Impaired T cell study offers clues to retraining immune systems
How clinical trial protocols can contribute to diverse study populations
New way for patients, doctors to communicate
Study uncovers key role for biological clock
Study examines proposal targeting packaged foods, beverages
Converting skin cells to immature muscle cells spurs changes, study finds
Hormone irisin found to confer benefits of exercise on cognitive function
Newly established center to yield better understanding of how human genome functions as whole
Association of maternal prenatal weight, brain development of offspring
Why does SARS-CoV-2 shape-shift wildly from one person to next, causing barely sniffle in some
Are some clinical decisions after traumatic brain injury made too quickly?
Augmenting critical survival factors could help body eliminate tumors
Analysis shows how rare population of cancer cells contributes to disease relapse
Study finds Covid hospitalizations often followed by high blood sugar
Research may lead to new insights on genetics of height
MacArthur grant supports equity-centered COVID recovery
Expanding Medicare would reduce racial and ethnic health disparities, study finds
Insights can help inform design of broadly protective COVID-19 vaccine boosters
How hunger enhances learning about how to seek and consume food
Newly discovered proteins may prevent progression to end-stage renal disease in diabetes