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Datopotamab deruxtecan showed promising responses as monotherapy and in combination with Imfinzi
William Hahn named 2022 National Academy of Inventors Fellow
Researchers discover new avenue for molecular cancer drug therapies
How big, bulky drugs get into our cells
Certain age-related diseases may arise earlier in professional football players, according to new
Leibniz Prize 2023 for Sarah Ellen O’Connor
Do ex-football players age faster?
In village health clinics and ministries of health, program grads are building health equity around
Breast cancer patients who discontinued endocrine therapy to continue pregnancy did not experience worse short-term recurrence rates
Virtual reality helps reduce patient anxiety and need for sedation during hand surgery
Scientists emphasize value of neurological follow-up in recovered individuals
I-PASS encourages structured written, spoken communication
No benefit of Medicare Advantage in heart attack survival
Neoadjuvant trastuzumab deruxtecan reveals clinical activity in patients with HER2-low breast cancer
New oral substance developed by Mass General researchers may help prevent and treat osteoporosis
Scientists uncover biological explanation behind why upper respiratory tract infections are more common
New study shows that infections are main cause of hydrocephalus in African children
Severe Covid Linked with Molecular Signatures of Brain Aging, Researchers Find
Immune system irregularities in women with postpartum mood disorders
Genetic link in childhood glaucoma
Accelerating pathogen identification in infants and children with bloodstream infections
Women and men have mistakenly given different advice for preventing heart disease
New genetic mutation behind childhood glaucoma identified
Antiretroviral drugs for treatment, prevention of HIV infection in adults
Buprenorphine, Not Methadone, May Be Safer Treatment for Opioid-Use Disorder During Pregnancy
Analysis reveals medieval genetic diversity, illuminates founder event
New study finds deaths from firearms are reaching unprecedented levels
Research reveals ‘probable biological and genetic overlap’ between carpal tunnel syndrome and migraines
Research reveals gun deaths reaching unprecedented levels
Diet Can Lower Risk of Cardiovascular Disease By 10 Percent, Study Shows
Young people make up larger proportion of Covid deaths in 2021 compared to 2020
Enzyme drives cognitive decline, provides new target for Alzheimer’s
Breakthrough in bacterial vaginosis treatment for women’s health
Organ donations, transplants increase on days of biggest motorcycle meetings
Findings should serve as alarm to increase safety, prepare for higher demand for trauma care and
Inflammasome is implicated in autoimmunity, heart disease, neurodegeneration, and more
New research suggests spinal cord and brainstem are essential for processing touch signals
Couple of studies reveal surprising new roles for spinal cord and brainstem in communication
Disparities in inclusion of racial, ethnic minority groups in prostate cancer clinical trials
Gene-delivering viruses reach brain in step toward gene therapy for neurological diseases
Supply of primary care physicians remained same or worsened from 2010 to 2019, despite billions
Are Covid-19 “comas” signs of a protective hibernation state?
Scientists discuss what’s next as SARS-CoV-2 evolves and why Covid won’t be our last pandemic
New international partnership to accelerate search for cancer cures
Affordable Care Act linked to reduced smoking among US adults with mental health and substance use disorders
Researchers demonstrate in mice new way to deliver medication to malignant brain tumors
Machine learning can help predict patient response to cancer immunotherapy
Hospitalized patients face increased one-year costs to Medicare, study finds