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Lower Risk of Hospital Admission Linked to Paxlovid
Texting Intervention Prevents Teen Pregnancy Among LGB Girls
Kids at Risk of Hypertension from Being Overweight
Plan to eliminate HIV transmission published
Bass Coast Celebrates Diversity on International Women’s Day
Study shows garden appreciation boosts wellbeing
Shocking marketing tactics used to sell vapes online
Family Violence Linked to Chronic Illness: Study
Strengthening Our Culture Community Grants now open
Western U’s Centre Supports Kids’ Mental Health Well-Being
Obesity Linked to Diabetes and Hypertension in Women
Scientists Key to Updating US Dietary Guidelines
New project to track alcohol in Influencer posts
More Californians can leave hospitals, nursing homes during pandemic
Canada Invests $1.5M for Black Mental Health Support
Dinners explore intersection of plant history, cuisine
Australia Invests in Health to Strengthen Asia-Pacific Region
Schools Help Combat Childhood Obesity with Physical Activity Program
Celeb Tweets Helped Shape US COVID-19 Opinion: Study
Sheep Enhance Urban Landscapes, Benefit People
Canada Invests $4M for OCAD Students’ Mental Health
COVID Vaccine Linked to Fewer Heart Issues
Canada Funds PEI for Healthier Living in Priority Populations
Food insecurity may increase cognitive decline in older adults
Older Adults At Risk of Cognitive Decline Due to Food Insecurity
Hawaiʻi young adults rely on social media for Covid, health info
WHO Deliberates Ethical Framework for Social Listening, Infodemic Management
School Dental Program Reduces Cavities by 80% with Non-Invasive Treatment
WHO Unveils Plan to Combat Breast Cancer
ANMF Urges May Budget to Fund Medicare Reforms
Study Underscores Lack of Diversity in Stock Photography Sites
Health leaders support call for COVID strategy rethink
Supporting Women In Flood-Affected Communities
US College Students: Unhealthful Diet & Inactivity Linked to Loneliness
Canada Strengthens Clinical Trials Infrastructure
SIDS Act Fast to Address Top Causes of Death
Defeating Meningitis by 2030: WHO Taskforce Maps Global Path
Cellular Changes Seen in Elderly After Resistance Training
Federation Community Grants Program set to open
School Garden Interventions Improve Kids’ Blood Sugar, Cholesterol
Car crash risks higher in rural areas
FEMA Grant Funds $1.1M Study into Firefighter Injuries
Detrimental secondary health effects after disasters and pandemics
EC Australia to continue beyond 2022
Secondary Health Effects of Disasters and Pandemics
Exercising Linked to Milder COVID Outcomes
WHO Urges Nations to Tax Sugary Drinks for Health Benefits
Strong Connection to Neighbors May Improve Health Outcomes