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Research finds DNA signatures linked to heart disease
Role for GPs in heart-risk hunt
Study links metabolic syndrome to poor health outcomes in adults with kidney disease
Research links metabolic syndrome to poor health outcomes in adults with kidney disease
Ignoring oral health can have serious impacts on rest of body
Lifestyle adjustments can boost vascular health in seniors with obesity
Where you live may affect your long term survival after heart attack
AI was taught to identify heart attack based on exhaled air
Reducing cost of medicines through new PBS listings
Government subsidises medicine to combat high cholesterol in ‘high-risk’ Australians
Moderate drinking linked to fewer heart attacks in people with heart disease
Evolution Supplements Australia and its Director penalised total of $12 million for advertising illegal sports supplements
New Study Reveals Serious Long-Term Complications in Youth-Onset Type 2 Diabetes
Lifestyle intervention, non-statin therapies in patients with elevated triglycerides recommended
Younger diabetics more worried about Covid – study
Nine of ten patients with high blood pressure need more treatment
Penn Medicine Hospitals Rank Among Top Hospitals Nationally and number one
Role of Aboriginal English in Indigenous health communication
Among effective antihypertensive drugs, less popular choice is slightly safer
ImpaQt Group takes stake in digital health platform Cardihab to help manage Australia’s deadliest disease
Soft skin patch could provide early warning for strokes, heart attacks
Delivering new prevention and treatment approaches for heart disease with digital health 22 July
Heart disease likely to remain number one killer in U.S. indefinitely due to long-term COVID-19 impact
Increased physical activity after ICD implantation linked to less hospitalization, death
‘Springing forward’ affects early birds less than night owls, study finds
“Springing forward” affects early birds less than night owls
Copper transporter potential new treatment target for cardiovascular disease
Delivering new prevention and treatment approaches for heart disease with digital health
President Biden’s Statement on Two Million Americans Signing Up for Health Coverage and Launching “Summer Sprint to Coverage”
New study suggests benefit-to-harm balance of statins for healthy adults “generally favourable”
Winter viruses and COVID-19 could push NHS to breaking point, warns new report
New advice on arthritis drugs
Calcium scores can help statin therapy decisions
New spray could someday help heal damage after heart attack
High blood sugar levels ‘reprogramme’ stem cells
UniQuest partners with CSL to develop potential new therapy
Is wildfire smoke bad for your health?
Imaging test may predict patients most at risk of some heart complications from COVID-19
Discrimination, stress linked to poorer heart health in transgender, gender-diverse adults
Early blood-sugar levels in type 2 diabetes crucial for future prognosis
Study shows aspirin can reduce risk of heart attacks and strokes in patients with pneumonia
Researchers ID condition with potential cardiovascular disease implications
Researchers offer practical tips to mitigate harm from wildfire smoke
Sydney Swans join with Heart Foundation to give Aussie hearts a sporting chance
Patently harmful: fewer female inventors a problem for women’s health
Brown to fund four biomedical technologies with potential for patient benefit, commercial viability
Dr Ashish Misra awarded second Perpetual IMPACT grant
Synthetic biology circuits can respond within seconds