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Heart patients advised to move more to avoid heart attacks and strokes
Study strengthens links between red meat and heart disease
Metabolic switch may regenerate heart muscle following heart attack
CVST and blood clots potentially related to J&J COVID-19 vaccine: know symptoms
Genes that make children susceptible to severe Kawasaki disease identified
Secret genetic switch in zebrafish key to heart regeneration
Living in a Majority-Black Neighborhood Linked to Severe Maternal Morbidity
Another way “good” cholesterol is good: combatting inflammation
Update on DARE-19 Phase III trial for Farxiga in COVID-19
Unprecedented ambulance ramping chaos needs to end and will be solved under Labor
World first discovery uncovers secret switch that could revolutionise heart attack treatment
Heart failure and stroke rising in men under 40
Tracking how COVID-19 is changing life expectancy
Team identifies protein that blocks body’s ability to clear bad cholesterol
LGBTQ+ Health: A Collaborative of Care
Trainee-led study spurs change in chest pain care
Heart attack research receives $3.5million boost
Taking new medical devices from discovery to manufacture
African Americans who smoke seem at higher risk of coronary heart disease
Mental illness linked to worse heart attack outcomes
Free sports sessions for women and girls for This Girl Can Week
Genetic testing proves beneficial in prescribing effective blood thinners
There’s More Than One Way to Splice a Gene
Australian research links fast food availability to heart attacks
In women, higher body fat may protect against heart disease death, study shows
New Imaging Technology Could Help Predict Heart Attacks
Queensland backs a world-leading medical product
High blood pressure controlled in only 2 out of 5 UK cases despite treatment
Tiny med tech that will save lives to be made in Australia
Simulations show how city building configurations affect pedestrians’ air quality
‘Significant’ racial disparities in care of heart patients during first pandemic wave
Female heart attack survivors worse off than men
World First Discovery Could Help Reduce Heart Attacks in Women
Clinical trials for new weight loss drugs, devices, among benefits at Weight Management Center
Failing to see wood for trees may be preventing better cardiovascular outcomes
Kathleen Folbigg’s children likely died of natural causes, not murder
Heart Research Institute analyses new atherosclerosis research
New specialised support to help those living with obesity to lose weight
Pericardial Injection Effective, Less Invasive Way to Get Regenerative Therapies to Heart
U.S. President Biden’s Remarks in a Bipartisan Meeting on Cancer
Nanoparticle delivery offers hope to those with peripheral artery disease
Researchers Find Effective Combination of Therapies for Managing Mitochondrial Disease
Zinc could be key to new diabetes treatments
Heart damage found in half of COVID-19 patients discharged after hospitalisation
Sticky Blood quit smoking campaign
Air Filters Can Scrub Out Air Pollutants Near Highways, Reduce Blood Pressure
Sydney opens state-of-the-art Susan Wakil Health Building
Study finds more active-duty police officers died of COVID-19 in 2020 than all other causes combined