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Advances in Cholestatic Liver Disease Management
Research Confirms Rise in EoE Cases in Japan
Brigham Innovates Microbe Survival in Extreme, Space Conditions
Immunotherapy: Current & Future Hepatocellular Carcinoma Treatments
Subnormal Levels of Liver Enzymes Detected
Fibrinogen-like Protein 1's Role in Post-Hepatectomy Tumor Recurrence
Recognition Of Research Excellence In US Rankings
No Link Found Between Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Lipid Profile
Senecavirus Halts Liver Cancer Growth, Triggers Cell Death
Research Reveals Aggressive Subgroups Driving Liver Cancer Outcomes
Early Bile Duct Cancer Detection Vital for Rare Liver Patients
New Pathway Discovered for Colorectal Cancer Treatment
Putting Brakes On Chronic Inflammation
Minorities and Poor Elderly Less Likely on Liver Transplant Lists
Robotic Device Enhances Digestion in Patients with Organ Failure
Robotic Device Aids Patients With Digestive Dysfunction
Balancing Digestion and Liver Health via Bile Acids
GLP-1 Meds Safe Pre-Surgery for Diabetic, Obese: Study
CRC/TRR 179 Extends Hepatitis Virus Infection Study
Cirrhotic Patients' Liver Lesions May Turn into Carcinoma
STING Signaling Pathway Progress in Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease
Autophagy In Pancreatitis
In Brief: Who's To Blame When AI Makes Medical Error?
Immunotherapy Shapes Present, Future Hepatocellular Carcinoma Treatments
Thousands Undiagnosed With Hepatitis C: What You Should Know
Female Gastroenterologists Linked to Reduced Patient Health Care Use
PolyU-Led Startup Launches Large-Scale Liver Disease Screening
Stem Cells Aid Acute Liver Failure by Regulating Cells
Astragalus Boosts Voriconazole Metabolism via Gut Microbiota
Research: One Meatless Meal Benefits Liver Patients
Atrium, UPMC Partner to Boost NC Pediatric Liver Transplant Program
Research Reveals Liver Cancer Death Toll in China, 2008-2020
Global Underassessment, Undertreatment of Hepatitis B Rife Among Western Asian Women
Fuzheng Huayu Aids Hepatitis B Cirrhosis Patients, Reduces Cancer Risk
Updated Categorization of Primary Iron Overload Syndromes
Baicalein Shows Therapeutic Effects on Rat Hepatopulmonary Syndrome
Low Detection Rate of Colorectal Cancer in Diverticulitis Patients
Paclitaxel Boosts Hepatitis B Virus Replication, Study Shows
RAMP1 Shields Liver Cells from Ischemia-Reperfusion Damage
Belly Fat May Indicate Fecal Incontinence Risk
Viral Replication Tied to Hepatic Damage Pre-HBeAg Loss in HBV Patients
Serine, Glycine Genes Predict Hepatocellular Carcinoma Prognosis
Critical Shortfall in Follow-Up After Positive Stool Test
New Treatment Frontier: Gut Bacteria and Bowel Disease
Endoscopic Methods Simplify Large Colorectal Polyp Removal
Link Between Alcohol Intake and Liver Cancer Aggression Unveiled
Large Genetic Study Links IBS to Cardiovascular System
Dietary Treatment More Effective Than Medicines In IBS