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Cosmic Ray Veto Detector Shipment Heads to Fermilab
CERN-Physicists Join Forces with Sci-Fi Titans
Prototype Particle Detectors Project Smashes Milestone
Artificial intelligence learns to visualize extensive datasets
W boson turns 40
Professor Tim Palmer wins Royal Astronomical Society’s Gold Medal
Relive 2022 at CERN
Rare Earth Compounds for High-tech Applications
CMS completes release of its entire Run 1 proton-proton data
ATLAS measures Higgs boson’s mass width
First Run 3 physics result by CMS
Assessing environmental impact of future ‘Higgs factories’
SLAC physicist wins American Physical Society early career award
Physicists play key role in new measurement relating Higgs boson to dark matter
Encouraging start for Run 3
Higgs10: inventing future of Higgs research
How TSU scientists launch and upgrade Large Hadron Collider
Maria Spiropulu to Co-Chair National Academies’ Elementary Particle Physics Committee
Higgs10: Ten things we’ve learned about Higgs boson in past ten years
ATLAS measures joint polarisation of carriers of weak force
In underground mine in South Dakota, researchers unravel mysteries of dark matter
Reflecting on revolutionary discovery
Large Hadron Collider takes first data in record-breaking run
What Comes After Higgs
Ten years since discovery of Higgs boson
ATLAS and CMS release results of most comprehensive studies yet of Higgs boson’s properties
Higgs particle turns ten
After three years: start of first particle collisions at unprecedented energies at LHC
LHC Run 3: physics at record energy starts tomorrow
Higgs boson, ten years after its discovery
10 years later: FSU physicist explains impact of Higgs boson discovery
3 Questions: Marking 10th anniversary of Higgs boson discovery
DOE backs Rice physicists’ collaboration
Searching for matter-antimatter asymmetry with Higgs boson
CMS on lookout for new physics
Physicists Move Closer to Finding Elusive Higgs Boson Self-Coupling
Dramatic last year of CERN’s flagship LEP collider
Higgs10: Three-quarters of way there
Large Hadron Collider restarts
CMS measures mass of top quark with unparalleled accuracy
Researchers Contribute to CDF Collaboration at Fermilab on Most Precise Ever Measurement of W Boson Mass that Tests Standard Model
CDF collaboration at Fermilab announces most precise ever measurement of W boson mass to be
ATLAS strengthens its search for supersymmetry
Thomas Ferbel remembered as inspiring mentor and distinguished particle physicist
ATLAS nets top quark produced together with photon
ATLAS seeks out unusual signatures of long-lived particles
Data Science for Particle and Nuclear Physics 2021 held online for high school students
Particle physicists at UCL awarded £4.3 million