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Robotic System Unveils Bee Behavior, Enhancing Understanding
Honey Bees Learn Flight, Source Navigation Through Dance
Honeybees’ Ability to Identify Dead Mates Revealed
Bees Navigate with Linear Landmarks Like Early Pilots
Robotic bees to support real-life ecosystem
Biomass of Livestock Much Heavier than Wild Mammals
Boosting Bee Health With Probiotics and Vaccines
Insecticides Remain Effective with Reduced Bee Toxicity
Wild bumblebee queens lured and killed in commercial hives
Crops Mix for Ecosystem Benefits in Agriculture
Bees at Risk from Wildflower Nectar Contaminated by Weedkiller
Male orb-weaving spiders fight less in female-dominated colonies
Ant pupae secrete fluid as “milk” to nurture young larvae
Ant pupae secrete liquid like “milk” to nurture young larvae
New Varroa detections expand red zone
Research buzzing about construction lessons taken from bees, honeycombs
Red Zone to expand due to new Varroa mite detection
Social bees travel greater distances for food than their solitary counterparts, study finds
Social bees travel greater distances for food than their solitary counterparts
Researchers highlight fluid dynamics of swimming and flying animals at American Physical Society Meeting
How many bees can you fit in X-ray machine? That’s not joke
Insects contribute to atmospheric electricity
Mini robots learn to ‘swim’ on stretchy surfaces
Mosquitoes that can’t spread malaria engineered by scientists
Temperature Contributes Most to Geographical Distribution of Two Giant Honeybees
Bees use patterns – not just colours – to find flowers
Putting food system in context
Modern pesticides damage brain of bees so they can’t move in straight line
Chemical discovered by SFU researchers could help honeybees fight off mite infestation
Yellow notification zones lifted in Varroa mite response
New measures to prepare for spring bee swarming
Special permit to move bees in flood warning areas
How decline in pollinators ripples across entire ecosystems
Varroa surveillance reveals additional infestations
Varroa tracing confirms additional detections
Burned forest now landscape abuzz with bees and flowers
Further detections of Varroa mite as surveillance continues
Red zone expanded due to new Varroa detections
Paper wasps form abstract concept of ‘same’ and ‘different’
Hive Movement Declaration open for Beekeepers
New plan to allow pollination movements
New Varroa mite detection at Wards River
NSW DPI varroa mite update