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Fair Work Hears AWU’s Farmers Fair Work Claim
Penn State agricultural research highlighted on Ag Progress Days tours
Farmers open their gates for firsthand look at life on land
Apple and pear industry benefits from revised IPDM manual
Search begins for SA’s next Ag Town of Year
South Australian growers develop revolutionary new worm biostimulant
Industry calls on Government to implement Agriculture Visa Trial
New Kiwi research to turn biowaste into economic boost
Expert report every UK job has potential to be green
Study uncovers worsening conditions of migrant workers in UK Agri-Food industry during pandemic
National Farmers Federation takes on AWU to protect piecework rates
AWU steps in to fix farming’s broken piece-rate system
Grant funding supports new projects
AWU moves to fix Australia’s piece rate system, dodgy farmer’s best friend
TasTAFE meeting skills needs in agriculture
FWO announces 2021-22 priorities
Farmers applaud State Government’s commitment to tackle Queensland’s labour shortage
Parliamentary Secretary Ellis announces nearly $4 million to support Ontario horticultural research projects
Robert East and Megan Dalley Awards 2021
North Coast stars named in 60th Queensland Training Awards
Future Drought Fund will deliver better risk management for Western Australia
New ag appointments, farmers asked to share their views
Federal Government exacerbates farm labour shortage with new visa rules
Buzzing about bee biosecurity
Hawke’s backpacker visa changes a cruel blow to farmers battling to find workers
Assessing flavour with help of VR glasses
Twenty receive awards recognizing inclusive excellence
Almost 1 in 7 farmers and horticulturalists supply products to consumers along a short supply chain
Cairns Performing Arts Centre wins top State award
Community members invited to help guide Swan Valley future
Smart future for agriculture research in Central Queensland
Interactive tool designs greenhouse based on climate conditions
Digital Grants Back Health Of Victorian Farm Businesses
‘Once in a generation’ opportunity to invest in a happier, healthier, wealthier Australia
Queensland Garden Expo wins national award
Grape Co pays penalties for alleged misleading representations on grape origins and Horticulture Code breaches
Hort Innovation calling for Directors
Farmers Say Ag Visa Must Finally Deliver a Solution to Labour Crisis
Water infrastructure grants to aid KI bushfire recovery
A research year with no juicy highlights
Returning and productive workforce secured through seasonal agriculture worker visa
Long awaited good news on Ag Visa
Support Continues For Seasonal Harvest Workforce
Water rates for farmers: It isn’t how much you use, it’s what you grow that matters
Union Survey Reveals Rampant Wage Theft and Human Rights Abuses on Australian Farms
Cornell AgriTech launches hops breeding program
Is there a place for sweetpotato ice cream?
Visa extensions provide certainty to employers and 10,000 visa holders