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How COVID spawned surge in superbugs-and what we can do about it
New UBC copper coating could be next superbug fighter
Covid transmission in geriatric acute care reveals need for enhanced infection control and prevention measures
Novel compounds discovered in marine sponge can kill antibiotic-resistant bacteria
Develop more vaccines to combat ‘silent pandemic’ of antimicrobial resistance: WHO
JAMA Study: U.S. Hospital Adverse Events Drop Significantly
Urgent call for better use of existing vaccines and development of new vaccines to tackle AMR
Black nursing home residents, those under age 65 more likely to have repeat transfers to hospital
Brigham and Women’s Hospital, AMA, Joint Commission launch effort to advance equitable quality & safety
Operating rooms are climate change contributor no one’s talking about
Research reveals how Acinetobacter baumannii survives without water on hospital surfaces
Hospitals Can Reduce Antibiotic Overuse by Avoiding Unnecessary Blood Draws in Critically Ill Children, Study Shows
Operating rooms are climate change contributor no one’s talking about
UBC team discovers ‘silver bullet’ to keep medical devices free of bacteria
Microbe-slaying copper applied to UBC buildings
Catheter infections went down after more preventive efforts
Anti-viral light neutralises Covid
Patient safety program reduces unnecessary antibiotic use in long-term care facilities
Smoothing path
Futuristic coating for hospital fabrics and activewear kills COVID and E. coli
An estimated 1.2 million people died in 2019 from antibiotic-resistant bacterial infections
An estimated 1.2 million people died in 2019 from drug-resistant bacterial infections, more deaths than HIV/AIDS or malaria
5 hour + emergency care wait before admission linked to heightened death risk
Plasma-based engineering creates contact-killing, antifouling, drug-release surfaces
New species of bacteria named after John Innes Center
Research of its kind to investigate high priority but little known pathogen in Irish hospitals
New approach could overcome fungal resistance to current treatments
New method could overcome fungal resistance to current treatments
UWA innovative research projects awarded national funding
Test determines antibiotic resistance in less than 90 minutes
Test determines drug resistance in less than 90 minutes
Research finds that immune cells cooperate to trap and kill bacteria
For Newborns with Fever, New Guideline Offers Clarity to Pediatricians, Parents
Bacteria navigate on surfaces using a “sense of touch”
Study highlights ‘vital 30-day window’ for hospital inpatients to get COVID-19 jab
Bacteria navigate on surfaces using ‘sense of touch’
New study shows that silver foil could reduce risk of infection in hospitals
Upgrading PPE for staff working on COVID-19 wards cut hospital-acquired infections dramatically
MD Anderson research highlights for June 16, 2021
Modelling lungs to limit testing on mice
Very high use of antibiotics in COVID-19 treatment could be reduced
PhD students collaborated and designed new antimicrobial compounds against Staphylococcus aureus
New material can protect against resistant bacteria
New material to treat wounds can protect against resistant bacteria
Recce Pharmaceuticals’ R327 shows promise against pathogens
Vaccination – personal values and group dynamics are decisive
Stress test finds cracks in resistance of harmful hospital bugs
Griffith guides WHO climate-resilient health plan in Nepal