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Look of your eyebrows is in your genes; new study uncovers genes that define appearance of eyebrows
New 3D Scans Reveal Insights on Roman Burial Practice
Research Suggests Second-Guessing is Hard-Wired
Top Canadian Young Scientists Meet at National Science Fair
Prototype Smart Material Defies Newton’s Laws of Motion
Researchers Develop Easier Method to Mimic Human Vision
Experts confirm human eyes play tricks on mind
Photovoltaics: Energy Supply with View
Supermassive Black Hole Rips Apart Giant Star in Unprecedented Display
USTC Achieves Ultrahigh-Density 3D Dynamic Holographic Projection
Webb telescope captures stunning images of star formation and life’s building blocks
New Microscope Objectives Inspired by Scallop Eyes
Fruit fly aids Warwick scientists’ study on human heart growth
Astronomy at Risk: Satellite Interference Blocks Discoveries
Dark Skies at Risk: Space Junk Could Brighten Nighttime Skies
Trilobites Found With New Vision Structures
Solved: Mystery of Cloudy Filters
AI Creates Accurate Map of Star Origins in Milky Way
AI tool may speed screening of epilepsy drugs in mice
Smart Contact Lens Enables AR-Based Navigation: Researchers
Citizen Scientists Report: Stars Vanish in Light Pollution
Evening seminar on Ookayama Campus reveals Orion Nebula
Astronomer Unveils ‘Remarkable’ Image from Webb Telescope
Researchers Create High-Efficiency Oscillator Pump Source
Chromo-encryption method encodes secrets with color
Chinese Academy: Rare Superfast Muscles Found in Mouse Legs
AI helps scientists decipher cellular structures
Plasma Colors Future: Inkless Printing Ahead
Tweets Reveal Climate-Friendly Eating Habits
New species of microalgae discovered
Research Team Closer to Printing 3D Life-Like Organs
Record-breaking Ultracool Dwarf Binary Stars Found
CWRU to Test Ballistics at 9,000 mph in Water Tank
Eye’s Role in Language Acquisition Examined
Improving safety assessment of nanoparticles
Seeing Things Differently: Secret Life of Our Eyes
New USPS stamps have Baylor College of Medicine connection
2D Material May Boost Low Light Phone Photos
Unveiling Magnetization Reversal Mechanism with Topology Data Analysis
Marko Kangasniemi develops partnership between artificial intelligence and radiologists
UO neuroscientists look deep into eyes of octopus
Fluorescence finds color patterns of earliest scallops
Enlightened route to wireless communications
New map of octopus visual system gives clues to brain evolution
Fruit flies move their retinas much like humans move their eyes
Unclonable human-invisible machine vision markers using cholesteric spherical reflectors
Secret behind spectacular blooms in world’s driest desert is invisible to human eyes
Is it possible to speed read?