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Apes Evolved Upright Posture for Leaves in Open Woodland Habitats
Elephant’s Self-Taught Banana Peeling Reveals Broader Abilities
Human Antibody Neutralizes Snake Toxins Worldwide
Researchers help find new evidence on human origins
2.9M-Year-Old Butchery Site Reopens Stone Tool Mystery
2.9m-year-old stone tools found at Kenyan site
2.9-Million-Year-Old Stone Tools Used to Butcher Hippos
2.9 Million-Year-Old Site Sparks Rethink of Stone Tool Inventors
2.9M-yr Old Butchery Site Reopens Stone Tool Mystery
Generating Human-Like Neural Networks Via Cellular Reprogramming
Travellers No Longer Need TGA Approval for Animal/Human Origin Medicines
Learning to better understand language of algae
Peatland protection is climate protection
Central Asia identified as key region for human ancestors
Central Asia identified as key route for early human migration
Fully mature hair follicles grown in cultures
Earliest Gibbon Fossil Found in Southwest China
Earliest gibbon fossil in southwest China
ANU scientists win nation’s top funding award
Early JWST Survey Sheds New Light on First Galaxies
Research finds hidden selection against interbreeding in baboons