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Black patients with cancer fare worse with Covid
There is, in fact, a ‘wrong’ way to use Google
Covid research wins ‘trustworthy communication’ award
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False claims about Covid must be repeatedly debunked, study finds
Fact checks on Covid misperceptions are effective initially but do not stick over time
Bolsonaro is catastrophe for environment
WHO recommends two new drugs to treat patients with Covid
2021 year in chemistry
UW Medicine Newsroom’s 21 most-viewed stories in 2021
Digital silver lining seen in failed Covid drug trial
WHO advises against use of convalescent plasma for Covid
Forensic Sciences Research Volume 6, Issue 3 publishes
We can expect more COVID drugs next year
Hydroxychloroquine, mainstay lupus treatment, not linked to serious cardiac complication
Ivermectin is Nobel Prize-Winning Wonder Drug – But Not for Covid
Chemical analyzes of wastewater may reveal public and environmental health effects of pandemic
Heavy users of conservative media more willing to take ivermectin for Covid
WHO recommends antibody treatment for covid patients at high risk of hospital admission
New research shows drug repurposing is no ‘quick-fix’ in race to treat Covid
India may be reaching ‘endemicity’ after emerging from second Covid wave
‘Stop prescribing hydroxychloroquine for Covid’
WHO announces three new drugs for latest Covid ‘Solidarity’ clinical trials
WHO’s Solidarity clinical trial enters new phase with three new candidate drugs
Which voices led medical misinformation in early stages of COVID?
New advice on arthritis drugs
Mefloquine: A promising drug ‘soldier’ in battle against COVID-19
“Smart” segmented ring device delivers medications to stop HIV transmission
‘Smart’ segmented ring device delivers medications to stop HIV transmission
Australian anti-vaxx Facebook groups swell nearly 300% during pandemic
Major differences in COVID patient care caused by insufficient data, misleading advice
Penn Study Uncovers Possible COVID-19 Drugs – Including Several That Are Already FDA-Approved
5 ways to spot if someone is trying to mislead you when it comes to science
WHO expert panel strongly advises against use of hydroxychloroquine to prevent covid-19
Gout drug help cuts need for oxygen therapy and hospital stay in COVID-19 patients
Neutrons probe molecular behavior of proposed COVID-19 drug candidates
Conversations on COVID: Is all pandemic news really bad news?
Hydroxychloroquine fails to prevent COVID-19
WHO discontinues hydroxychloroquine and lopinavir/ritonavir treatment arms for COVID-19
Green light for COVID-19 trial recruitment
Susan Wehry discusses telehealth services in Healthline article
HIV drug trial in South Australia to find an existing treatment for COVID-19