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Preventing childhood obesity requires changes in parents’ and clinicians’ early-life care
Case Western Reserve University among leaders in national Artificial Intelligence initiative
NSF unveils $20 million AI Institute with Vanderbilt and partner institutions
U part of world’s ultimate IT team
$2.9M NIH grant funds study of toxic pollutants’ effects on Indigenous community in Alaska
Hearts from donors who used illicit drugs or overdosed safe for transplant, cuts wait time
Scientists reflect on diabetes research 100 years after discovery of insulin
Nominations Sent to Senate 27 July
New biomarkers may detect early eye changes that can lead to diabetes-related blindness
U.S. President Biden Announces Eight Nominees to Serve as U.S. Attorneys
Older workers needed for UW study on worker safety during COVID-19 pandemic
From sun to stars: journey of exoplanet discovery begins
Cleaner air has boosted U.S. corn and soybean yields, research shows
Looking beyond numbers to see pandemic’s effect on nursing home residents
3 Questions: Richard Milner on messier side of physics
Researchers seeking private well owners in 4 states for study of PFAS in well water
Team flying miles above Earth with NASA, gathering data on North American monsoon season
Passing ball: Shifting responsibility for care coordination from patient to provider
Researchers study anxiety differences between females and males
IU Bloomington, IUPUI part of coalition to develop quantum technologies
Nursing organizations state their positions on systemic racism: JANAC authors analyze themes
SAEM publishes GRACE guidelines for recurrent, low-risk chest pain care in ED
What underlies inconsistent results in clinical trials for COVID-19 drugs?
Oncotarget: Genome wide DNA methylation landscape reveals glioblastoma’s influence
Cleaner air has boosted U.S. corn and soybean yields, Stanford-led research shows
Prenatal exposure to THC, CBD affects offspring’s responsiveness to fluoxetine
Prioritize Home, Community-Based Services for Older People: US
Prenatal exposure to THC, CBD in mice affects offspring’s responsiveness to Prozac
Tile drainage impacts yield and nitrogen
Hoosiers express greater concern about future pandemics, climate change
Studying how microbiome affects immunity could improve vaccine effectiveness
Collaborative care effective for pain, depression and anxiety
Study evaluates online resource for improving women’s sexual health
COVID-19 hospitalizations increased as a result of state reopenings
Rocketing to No. 6 internationally, No. 1 in Big Ten: Purdue among world leaders in patents
Benjamin Sulman: Building better Earth system models
More than 300 new Salmonella illnesses reported in outbreaks linked to backyard poultry
Vegetation growth in Northern Hemisphere stunted by water constraints in warming climate
In pursuit of Indiana bats
Midwest bumble bees declined with more farmed land, less diverse crops since 1870
PNNL AI Expert Harnesses Open-Source Data to Understand Human Behavior
Harnessing Sound for Health: A Conversation with Tim Colonius
Researchers identify microbe that protects bees from fungal infections
IU among top 100 worldwide universities granted U.S. patents
Clinical trial shows cell therapy improves clinical outcomes in heart failure
U.S. President Biden Announces Seven Key Nominations
AMP recommends minimum set of pharmacogenetic alleles to guide clinical CYP2D6 genotype testing, pro
NSF to fund research on ‘boundary spanning’ in Ph.D. studies