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European governments struggled to manage pandemic well, finds 3-country study
Indonesian Study reveals missed diagnosis of fungal infections in treated TB patients, with global implications
Natural infection and vaccination together provide maximum protection against COVID variants
Infection plus vaccination yields better antibodies against Covid variants
WHO advises against use of convalescent plasma for Covid
Iron integral to development of life on Earth – and possibility of life on other planets
Early Covid can be mistaken as vaccine side-effects, warn researchers
WHO recommends against use of convalescent plasma to treat Covid
People with schizophrenia five times more likely to die from Covid
South Australia Covid update as at 7 December 2021
Local family overwhelmed by Staycation win
Living with Covid
Oral Statement on Covid pandemic
Visualizing cell structures in three dimensions in mere minutes
People from BAME and deprived groups more affected by Covid hospital disruption
NUS Medicine cardiovascular research team develops anticoagulant drugs with high anticlotting efficacy and minimal bleeding
COVID screening tool for health care workers helped identify cases and prevent spread
Saving patients an unnecessary procedure
Third Covid vaccine essential for individuals with an insufficient immune response
Rapid Test Identifies Antibody Effectiveness Against Covid Variants
Diagnosis from Sky: Catching Insect Infestations within Forests Before It’s Too Late
Covid vaccine for kids ages five to 11: What families need to know
UKHSA calls for everyone to get their flu jab this week
Additional Covid vaccine recommended for all adults, especially in light of Omicron variant
Infection by Chikungunya produces partial immunity against Mayaro virus
Fulfilling our promise to adolescents and young people
Critical evidence to strengthen seasonal vaccination in Americas
Minister calls for at risk groups to get booster jabs
How well masks protect
South Australia Covid update as at 3 December 2021
Six different Covid boosters are safe and increase immunity when given after two doses of AstraZeneca or Pfizer-BioNTech
Scientists attacking menacing ‘superbug’
ATAGI statement on SARS-CoV-2 Omicron variant and Covid booster doses
Impact of COVID-related state of emergency declarations on asthma exacerbations in children
Host and resident bacteria join forces to control fungi in plant roots
ATAGI statement on SAR-CoV-2 Omicron variant and Covid booster doses
Lab-grown ‘mini-stomachs’ could shed light on COVID symptoms in kids
Plant pathogen evades immune system by targeting microbiome
Researcher outlines how whales’ sensory systems have evolved through imaging technology
‘Implementation Science’ Critical to Reducing Antibiotic Resistance
Wrangling an octopus-like viral replication machine
Minister for Care Gillian Keegan Daily Telegraph op-ed
UK Government agrees new deals to future proof vaccine rollout in light of new variant
South Australia Covid update as at 2 December 2021
Research suggests medical instrument processing personnel may be exposed to tissue, blood
Covid studies should record women’s menstrual changes, recommend researchers
People need to be fully vaccinated to use DOC accommodation
Effectiveness of ointment that kills drug-resistant bacteria shown