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Researchers Show How Probiotics Benefit Vaginal Health
Lyme disease in England and Wales more common in older white women, study finds
Discovery provides path to pathogen-targeted antibiotics
Dog detectives sniff out harmful bacteria causing lung infections
Good herd health will help fight off threat
Healthier homes could cut hospital stays for young children, researchers find
New research links poor housing to hospital admissions
Drug accelerates blood system’s recovery after chemotherapy, radiation
Findings shed new light on why Zika causes birth defects in some pregnancies
Cornell Equine Hospital surgery team saves impaled horse
New study shows antipsychotic drugs can suppress immune system
IV antibiotics at home is safe for kids and cheaper for families and hospitals, study finds
UTI discovery may lead to new treatments
Anti-viral immune discovery could lead to better vaccines
Disarming enemy: Monash study finds way to disarm dangerous bacteria
Ebola may now be curable with two new drugs
Better tests needed for urinary tract infections
Industry unites to fight Q Fever
Innovative surveillance technique gives vital time needed to track a cereal killer
First vaccine for chlamydia shows promise in early trials
Improving health equity focus of new TB guidelines
Diarrhoea-causing bacteria adapted to spread in hospitals
Researchers receive $6.5M in funding from CFI and Government of Quebec
Deadly protein duo reveals new drug targets for viral diseases
Rice, UTHealth search for clues to fight antibiotic resistance
Next-gen antibiotic research funded
Priority Care Centres open
One year on, close to 5 million pigs lost to Asia’s swine fever outbreak
Reminder to be protected from influenza
Biting midge season to start
Study examining how flu impacts children’s immune systems seeks participants
Health Secretary announces £250 million investment in artificial intelligence
Vigilance Needed for Deadly Mud Scours in Cattle
NHMRC releases updated guidelines: Prevention and control of infection in healthcare
City coyotes’ poor diets could make them more aggressive, study suggests
Study Explores Blood-Brain Barrier Leakage in CNS Infections
Second round of UO-OHSU seed funding announced
Protection from mosquitoes key to avoid West Nile virus
Queensland smokers fined for endangering others
ACON Unveils Bold Vision With Release Of New Strategic Plan
Hep C prevention still necessary despite advances in treatment
Hep C prevention still necessary despite unprecedented changes in treatment
Treatable cancers killing thousands in Pacific
Using quantum dots and a smartphone to find killer bacteria
New test identifies genes that protect cells from Zika virus
Surprising insight into Legionnaires’ disease
Sepsis plan needs action
Equine Viral Arteritis confirmed in Shropshire