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UPMC and Pitt Tests COVID-19 Vaccine in Pregnancy and Postpartum
Intersections of suffering
Joondalup Health Campus expansion reaches milestone
Study links Long COVID and severe COVID-19 infections to epstein-Barr virus reactivation
Monoclonal antibodies help COVID-19 patients avoid hospitalization
Blocking how malaria parasite suppresses immune response
Virginia Tech’s COVID-19 testing demonstrates power, versatility of academic labs
Vaccine against pneumococcal disease reduces severe cases in children by 80% in Gambia
Is bacterial acidity key to tackle antimicrobial resistance?
Coffee and veggies may protect against COVID-19
In vitro Zoo helps in understanding Covid
CHOP researchers establish novel approach for developing new antibiotics
Valneva and Pfizer Complete Recruitment for Phase 2 Trial of Lyme Disease Vaccine Candidate
“A Spinning Toy Meets Hydrodynamics and Sets Point-of-Care Diagnostics in Motion”
Research finds monoclonal antibodies that may neutralize many norovirus variants
CSAF visits Ramstein Air Base
Ask an Expert: Do I need to get vaccinated even if I had COVID-19?
New COVID-19 vaccine candidate, option for low- to mid-income countries
Antibiotic resistance is killing children overseas
CSIRO study shows new ‘warm vaccine’ effective against all key virus variants
Don’t Restrict Valid Pathogen Research, ASM & Partners Warn Congress
Victorian Partnership Produces Global Health Solutions
USF-developed AI system unites global agencies to identify emerging infectious diseases, receives support from Microsoft
Household cats are more susceptible to coronavirus infection than dogs in early-pandemic Minnesota
COVID-19 vaccine antibodies weaker vs. Delta/Kappa viral variants
Survival for babies born with a birth defect –code lottery”
Projected effect of implementing roadmap Step 4 in England on 19th of July 2021
Vaccines given in last 20 years could prevent 51 million deaths in LMICs
Vaccines given in last 20 years could prevent 50 million deaths in LMICs
Experts unite to help get Aussies vaccinated against COVID-19
Tighter ‘Stage 4’ restrictions will likely be needed to control Delta variant outbreak in NSW, new modelling shows
Likely ‘Stage 4’ tighter restriction levels will be needed to control current Delta variant outbreak
COVID-19 vaccine: Antibody response weakened in patients receiving methotrexate
High-tech toilets could spread antibiotic-resistant superbugs in hospitals, Japanese study suggests
New study shows that silver foil could reduce risk of infection in hospitals
Resistance to last-resort antibiotic may be passing between pet dogs and their owners
COVID-19 Response in Turkmenistan Strengthened with World Bank Financing
Study shows frequent business travel may increase obesity risks
Busting pandemic myths and how Australia is tracking
Biomaterial vaccines ward off broad range of bacterial infections and septic shock
Browne lab Earns NIH Grant to Study Cannabis Effects on HIV Reservoir
Genetic risk factors for severe COVID-19 identified
ASM Calls for Objective Evaluation into Pandemic Origins
ViraCorp partners with Lancaster University to test and develop innovative antiviral technologies
Oxford overseas research facility expands to include diagnostics and genetics testing centre
Repurposed Drugs Present New Strategy for Treating COVID-19
Study shows aspirin can reduce risk of heart attacks and strokes in patients with pneumonia
CSIRO opens satellite offering for Aussie Earth observation