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Co-design Advisory Group March 2023 Communique
Autism Rates Soar in US, CA Highest Ever
Autism Rates Soar in US, California Highest
Change to disability laws to improve inclusion and equality
1.7 Million Euros for Healthy Lifestyle Research for Teens
5 Attitude Shifts To End Disability Violence
Research backs genetic testing for cerebral palsy
Police awarded for work with people with disability
Brain Circuit Overexcitement Tied to Autism Seizures, Deficits
Pilot program for young people with intellectual disability
Better transport design for people with disability
Breakthrough in Zebrafish May Unlock Stress/Anxiety Disorder Secrets
Mexico Passes Bill to Aid Disabled, Elderly Population
Seasonal, Circadian Genes Mapped Across Human Body
$25M Gift Establishes Center for Epilepsy & Neurodevelopmental
Penn Medicine Establishes Center for Epilepsy, Neurodevelopmental Disorders
Australia’s Disabled Cricketers Back for National Championships
Breakthroughs for Early Childhood Development in LMICs
Tracking Development in Autistic Youth through Changes in IQ
Tracking IQ Changes in Autistic Youth May Aid Intervention
Study Logs Five-Fold Increase in Autism in New York-New Jersey Region
Autism Rates Surge in NY-NJ Region, Up Fivefold from Study
Helping disability support workers empathise
VR Tech Reduces Anxiety, Depression in Disabled Adults: Study
AI Could Help Ensure Safer Prescribing for People with ID and Epilepsy
Disabled Under 65yo Need Services to Leave Hospital, Avoid Aged Care
AI Could Boost Inclusion for People with Communication Issues
Cause of Excessive Folding in Human Brain Discovered
This Saturday, new music festival will make difference
Funding boost for co-design in disability sector
Concern for missing woman Sandra
Model explains how autism arises
Checkerboard pattern of inner ear cells enables us to hear
Risk of Neurodevelopmental Issues in Kids Linked to Diabetes During Pregnancy
New Epilepsy Disorder & Genetic Cause Found
Novel Treatment Method for Common Neuromuscular Disorder Developed
Finding better ways to measure cognitive change in people with intellectual disability
At Glance: Find accessible Griffith businesses
Improving health services for people with disability
Report for Disability Royal Commission
Rodney is ready for International Day of People with Disability
City of Newcastle champions disability inclusion in workplace
IoPPN researchers announced winners of 2022 ACAMH Awards
How to talk to your child about their autism diagnosis – earlier better
UH Researcher Aims to Uncover Causes of Developmental Disabilities in African Children
Ludwig Cancer Research study finds common, targetable mechanism tumors use to suppress immune responses
New molecular clues on neurodevelopmental disorder similar to Angelman syndrome
From deficits to a spectrum, thinking around autism has changed