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Georgia Tech Joins U.S. National Science Foundation to Advance AI Research and Education
University of Missouri plays crucial role in new NSF artificial intelligence institute
$20 million federal grant launches AI institute for better crops, agricultural production
New study sheds light on function of sex chromosomes in turtles
Research sheds light on function of sex chromosomes in turtles
Wild hair: Using hair to gauge stress response in pigs
Why weren’t New World rabbits domesticated?
Experts challenge current understanding of transition dairy cow health
Wetland restoration offers best protection against agricultural run-off
Defence awards engineers $2m extension funding
Iowa State sets $559.1 million external funding record, including federal COVID aid
Students Spring into Science Careers
Iowa State STEM outreach programs join forces to expand reach across state
Studying how microbiome affects immunity could improve vaccine effectiveness
Police investigating suspicious package
Sleep-deprived individuals less forthcoming with information about criminal history
Study: Environmental risks exacerbated for vulnerable populations in small towns
Physicist wins early career grant to study nuclear physics, quantum phenomena
Bioreactors chip away at nitrogen pollution
Sensing what plants sense: Integrated framework helps scientists explain biology and predict crop performance
NASA Awards Universities $1.2M for Space Station, Suborbital Research
New evidence may change timeline for when people first arrived in North America
Researchers build structured, multi-part nanocrystals with super light-emitting properties
Engineered defects in crystalline material boosts electrical performance
Advancing diversity and inclusion in business requires a common language, knowledge
Pollinating insects can help soybean yields
Healthy lifestyle behaviors reduced dementia risk despite family history of dementia
Change Agent: Dipali Sashital
Mapping Iowa’s soil topography
Glaciologists measure, model hard glacier beds, write slip law to estimate glacier speeds
‘key’ to new COVID-19 vaccine development
Soybean cyst nematode is most damaging soybean pathogen–and it’s rapidly spreading
Player to engineer: Iowa State senior turns computer game passion into career
Vision for ultra-precision agriculture includes machine-learning enabled sensing, modeling, robots tending crops
Iowa State, city of Ames partner to reduce nutrient runoff, improve recreation
Skroot Laboratory Inc. spins off from Iowa State research, helps labs make medicine
Change Agent: Jessica Ward
A new guide for communicating plant science
Wiley and Crue-CSIC Alliance Sign Transitional Agreement to Advance Open Access in Spain
Dog Aging Project seeks more canine participants
Stanford plant biologists help develop guide for science outreach
Narratives can help science counter misinformation on vaccines
New research: Pandemic-related anxiety associated with women drinking more
Meats Laboratory eyes expanded programming after pandemic shutdown
Engineers developing COVID-19 tests for mass production, mass distribution
Wiley and IReL Sign Four Year Open Access Agreement to Amplify Irish Research on Global Stage
New report offers recommendations to strengthen U.S. supply chain
Pandemic emphasizes need for digital literacy education