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From transistor to memristor: switching technologies for future
How wet chopsticks hitting hot oil advance our understanding of physics
Sustainable membranes for future energy
Community Approach to Coral Conservation
Climate warming alters glacier-fed stream ecosystems worldwide
MOU between KAUST startup and Luberef sets path for cleaner air
Planet-scale MRI
Hardy wild grass that could save our bread
Better way to separate gases
Wax-coated sand keeps soil wet longer, improves crop yields in arid regions
Perovskite solar cells take heat
Solar-powered system offers route to inexpensive desalination
HKU launches Institute of Data Science with HK$150 million donation from Musketeers Foundation
KAUST inaugurates world’s first Coral Probiotics Village
Bacteria engage sulfur for plant salt tolerance
McLaren Racing visits KAUST in support of pioneering R&D partnership
Methane from Carbon Dioxide
Diagnosing cancer with barcode-inspired test
Collaborating with distinguished researchers around world KAUST scientists propose nature-based adaptive approach to boost coral
World’s longest coral survey: century of change at Aua reef
Airborne antennas to address EMF concerns
Lab grown stem cells used to study embryogenesis
Selective breeding can produce heat-tolerant corals: new study
Talented 12: Chemical & Engineering News announces its 2021 rising stars in chemistry
Probiotics for corals boost resilience, help prevent mortality
Saudi environmental stewards release hawksbills
Portable COVID-19 test revolutionizes detection
New research into Malaria is next step in helping to eradicate disease
Green Hydrogen’s Time is Now
Advance may enable “2D” transistors for tinier microchip components
Core Labs Launch Saudi Scientific Glassblowing
Sensing future
New condenser makes water from air, even in hot sun
KAUST and Aramco crack one-step Crude-to-Chemicals
New research demonstrates crucial role of World Heritage marine sites in fighting climate change
Researchers document impacts of noise on marine animals and ecosystems and identify actions to restore healthy ocean sounds
Noise pollution affects marine life worldwide
Healthy oceans need healthy soundscapes
Major discovery helps explain coral bleaching
Two-sided solar panels break efficiency records
A living carbon pump in ocean could help fight climate change
Research VP Carin to Depart for Provost Role at KAUST
Recovering resources from wastewater streams supports circular economy
Research links reef resiliency to no-take zones, healthy fish populations
Separating gases using flexible molecular sieves
Research reveals ocean plastics collecting point
Blue carbon-harbingers of hope
Discovery may lead to safer, more practical natural gas storage