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Green Hydrogen’s Time is Now
Advance may enable “2D” transistors for tinier microchip components
Core Labs Launch Saudi Scientific Glassblowing
Sensing future
New condenser makes water from air, even in hot sun
KAUST and Aramco crack one-step Crude-to-Chemicals
New research demonstrates crucial role of World Heritage marine sites in fighting climate change
Researchers document impacts of noise on marine animals and ecosystems and identify actions to restore healthy ocean sounds
Noise pollution affects marine life worldwide
Healthy oceans need healthy soundscapes
Major discovery helps explain coral bleaching
Two-sided solar panels break efficiency records
A living carbon pump in ocean could help fight climate change
Research VP Carin to Depart for Provost Role at KAUST
Recovering resources from wastewater streams supports circular economy
Research links reef resiliency to no-take zones, healthy fish populations
Separating gases using flexible molecular sieves
Research reveals ocean plastics collecting point
Blue carbon-harbingers of hope
Discovery may lead to safer, more practical natural gas storage
Easy-to-make, ultra-low power electronics could charge out of thin air
Global census reveals reef shark status, need for improved conservation management
Lego-like assembly of zeolitic membranes improves carbon capture
Researchers devise way to see through clouds and fog
Duarte on COVID-19 ecosystem rebound
KAUST partner SaudiVax advances treatment for COVID
How AI helps improve COVID-19 testing
New research aims to bridge digital divide
Merging solar cell and liquid battery produces efficient, long-lasting solar storage
When imaging atoms, blurrier is better
Keyes and colleagues take part in historic ISC
Making invisible, visible
Detecting and tracking coronavirus is hard, but not impossible
AI that’s built to save lives
A replaceable, more efficient filter for N95 masks
Aiding sustainable conservation of Red Sea
How antibody testing can stem spread of COVID-19
Shining a light on SARS-CoV-2 virus
Understanding COVID wave
Marine life can be rebuilt by 2050
Our oceans are suffering, but we can rebuild marine life
Scientists discover dust from Middle East cools Red Sea
Dozens of new corals discovered on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef
KAUST and ARMOR collaborate on next gen solar tech
New security system to revolutionize communications privacy