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Queen Mary Study: Voters’ Perception of Politicians Accused of Sexual Harassment
UN Expert Submits Amicus Brief in Moscow Helsinki Group Case
Art Reveals How Law Works and Whats Just’
Tucker Carlson and Don Lemon’s Departures Signal Cable News Shift
Tucker Carlson, Don Lemon Departures and Future of Cable News
US VP Speaks on Court Ruling in Alliance for Hippocratic Medicine v. FDA
Response to federal decisions on key abortion pill
President Biden Issues Statement on Alliance for Hippocratic Medicine v. FDA Decision
Michigan faces possible ban on medical abortion pill
VP Releases Statement on Texas Abortion Ban Lawsuit
Governor DeSantis Announces Lawsuit Reforms to Protect Floridians from Billboard Attorneys
Moscow Helsinki Group Closes: Another Blow to Human Rights in Russia
UN Human Rights Office Criticizes Russia: Spox Marta Hurtado
Tiwi Islanders again claim victory over Santos, as Barossa appeal dismissed by Federal Court
Hastings Center Report, September-October 2022 issue
Greenpeace response to Toyota ‘Dieselgate’ class action
One year following court-ordered deadline, FDA must rule on remaining premarket tobacco applications
Statement on Texas Attorney General’s Lawsuit in U.S. District Court for Northern District of Texas
FDA orders Juul to remove e-cigarettes from market
Indonesian migrant fishers declare victory in new regulation that ensures their protection and rights
Bills Signed
Pittsburgh Steelers’ Jim Rooney joins UNE class to talk NFL industry, racial equity
Poor communication regarding pay increases lead to executive claiming he was underpaid $100,000
UO law prof on quest to root out injustices in parole decisions
Remarks by Vice President Harris on Supreme Court Ruling on Texas Law S.B. 8
Statement by President Joe Biden on Supreme Court Decision on Texas SB8
NASA Outlines Challenges, Progress for Artemis Moon Missions
Greenpeace sues Volkswagen for fuelling climate crisis and violating future freedom and property rights
WVXU: Lawsuit claims city’s tax break program for homeowners is discriminatory
Radboud University and Leiden University research ethnic profiling
Concerning Lawsuit Filed Against Toyota by Nippon Steel Corporation Regarding Electromagnetic Steel Sheets
Department of Navy to Review Discharges and Status-Upgrade Procedures for Former Service Members with Behavioral or Mental Health
Woolworths to pay workers another $50 million to make up for underpayments
Authorities Target Top Human Rights Group in Belarus
University of Florida honors integration pioneers with historical marker
Is Scarlett Johansson’s claim against Disney valid?
Legal dispute between FIFA and TUI Cruises about free-to-air TV on cruise ships resolved – TUI Cruises recognises FIFA’s rights 9 July
Patient Groups Praise Supreme Court Ruling Upholding Health Care Law, Preserving Critical Patient Protections
Legal dispute between FIFA and TUI Cruises about free-to-air TV on cruise ships resolved – TUI Cruises recognises FIFA’s rights
Freedom of expression wins day: Greenpeace triumphs over AGL in landmark court ruling
AGL launches legal battle against Greenpeace over its new climate change campaign
AGL launches legal battle against Greenpeace over climate change campaign
Rights expert decries wave of anti-protest laws ‘spreading through country’
Karipuna Indigenous People sue Brazilian state for allowing land-grabs in their home
European Court of Human Rights greenlights Swiss seniors’ climate case
Three useful things to know about stock market manipulation
Consumer protection research gets boost from new funding
Federal judge strikes down changes to visa program, a win for universities