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Public Health Rapid Support Team deployed to help international coronavirus effort
Diamond Princess Cruise ship – new estimates highlight successes and failures of COVID-19 quarantine
Bereaved individuals may face higher risk of dying from melanoma
UK social interaction data to help predict virus transmission and inform interventions
Sugar levy had no lasting negative impacts on UK soft drinks industry
HPV vaccination found to prevent more cases and deaths than previous estimates
World failing to provide children with a healthy life and a climate fit for their future
UK ranks poorly for deadliest cancer survival
Coronavirus outbreak estimated to peak in Wuhan mid-late February 2020
Daily exposure to ozone pollution linked to increased risk of death
UK as a global centre for health and health science – a go-to place for all aspects of health
Preliminary analysis of transmission and control of new coronavirus
New £12 million funding boost for research policy units to protect UK health
Improving health and wellbeing in West Africa under environmental change
Diets are changing around world – but how? New understanding of global food supply patterns could help improve health and…
Initiatives to control and eliminate parasitic disease are reaching targets earlier than projected
Sexual health services need to be strengthened for PrEP users
£5 million project to tackle tropical diseases of skin
Climate Change is a health as well as an environment emergency
Mental health support for people who have experienced terrorist attacks not offered quickly enough
Landmark year in global effort to tackle Ebola – analysis from Peter Piot
Widowed individuals may face short-term increased risk of dementia diagnosis
From ‘valley of death’ to supply and demand sustainability – unfinished agenda for immunisation
Largest ever genome study of Africans could lead to new disease treatments
Global consortium working with DRC Government to introduce second Ebola vaccine
Life expectancy gains in England and Wales among worst in new 23 country comparison study
Life expectancy gains in England and Wales among worst in new 22 country comparison study
Attention shifts away from women as soon as they give birth
Alcohol industry-funded websites fail to give full evidence on key risks of alcohol consumption in pregnancy
£50m partnership to reduce hundreds of thousands of preventable newborn deaths in Africa
Better reporting and improved surveillance needed to address neonatal infections in sub-Saharan Africa
Mortality rates in Ebola survivors after hospital discharge could be five times higher compared with general population
Ancestral clans of malaria parasites in each region of Africa share drug resistance genes
International study confirms links between exposure to urban pollution and mortality risk
Cancer survivors likely to face increase in long-term risk of cardiovascular disease