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Macquarie University opens dedicated rapid access clinic in response to spike in bushfire related respiratory illnesses
Lethal discovery in soil affected by bushfire
Community Conversations Science Café to explore early detection of lung cancer
Funding boost for cancer research
Entering labor market in a recession increases mortality, Northwestern research suggests
Disorderly DNA helps cancer cells evade treatment
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute to Establish Chen-Huang Center for EGFR Mutant Lung Cancers
Obesity ‘buffer’ in lung cancer therapy: research
NUS and A*STAR scientists identify promising liver cancer-killing compounds with novel
Proton Therapy Lowers Risk of Side Effects in Cancer Patients Compared to Traditional Radiation
Researchers identify immune-suppressing target in glioblastoma
What Cancer Survivors Need After Treatment Concludes
Newly developed mathematical model could be used to predict cancer drug side effects
Silica Workplace Exposure Standard Halved
Vaccitech Oncology Limited and Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research enter collaboration with Cancer
$8.9 million investment for cancer research
Researchers to lead Northeast Ohio initiative to prevent, detect and treat lung cancer in underserved communities
Climate change a global health emergency
New model explains how our immune system sometimes helps cancer spread
Free tool simplifies cancer research
Government invests $14.7 million in innovative medical projects
National will improve Māori health outcomes
Common asbestos lung disease does not increase risk of lung cancer
Technique shows how individual cancer cells react to drugs
More cancer medicines for more people
Depression affects one-third of lung cancer patients
Automated technique helps identify cancer cell metabolism inhibitors
Independent experts back stronger government stance on e-cigarette threat
Asbestos: tough action to continue
UPMC Passavant Debuts Device to Detect Lung Cancer Early
Study Reveals Lower Rates of Cancer and Early Death in Adventists, Including Among Black Individuals
New campaign warns of asbestos lurking in homes
Using Artificial Intelligence to determine whether immunotherapy is working
UK Scientist receives 28th Prince Mahidol Award 2019
Government subsidy triples number of lung cancer patients eligible for KEYTRUDA 1
Scientists discover new drugs with potential to treat stubborn cancers
Timely reminder to replace asbestos roofing
Tobacco-free campaigner Melburnian of Year
Health and Medical Research Awards for 2019
$4 million in cancer research funding announced
Discovery: New Biomarker for Cancer Stem Cells
Mistaken identity: main driver of stomach cancer identified
A new pathway for lung cancer treatment
Getting cancer drugs to brain is difficult – but a new ‘road map’ might make it easier
Sex and gender analysis improves science, Stanford scholars say
New pathway for lung cancer treatment
Nature might be better than tech at reducing air pollution
Fewer smokers but tobacco still kills one in eight