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Future of warfare: new tech helps better detect drones
3 Discoveries That Could Impact Diagnosis, Treatment of PTSD and Gulf War Illness
Robotic AI learns to be spontaneous
Glowing Progress in Pathogen Discovery
Apple unleashes M1
Survey of COVID-19 research provides fresh overview
‘Revolutionary’ algorithms underestimate risk to patients
2020 Australian Mental Health Prize: Dual winners named
Machine Learning Advances Materials for Separations, Adsorption, and Catalysis
Cleaner, cheaper, more efficient: future of energy
Staying ahead of artificial intelligence curve with help from MIT
Drug Screening at Far Higher Throughput
CSIRO and partners take aim at ending plastic waste
Using Lasers to Save Lives
Concordia’s District 3 startups harness emerging technology for global good
AI model could help patients predict disease risk with electronic health records
Optus and University of South Australia collaboration to drive cyber security and data science innovation
Algorithm reduces use of riskier antibiotics for UTIs
Five TU/e researchers receive Veni grants
Using machine learning to track pandemic’s impact on mental health
Shining a light on issue of wine fraud
Biologists Create “Atlas” of Gene Expression in Neurons, Documenting Diversity of Brain Cells
Five MIT researchers receive awards from American Physical Society
Mammoth computing cluster to aid COVID research
Modelling could help predict heart disease in people with type 2 diabetes
New tool to predict outcomes in cirrhosis of liver
Mapping to predict distribution of ticks in Switzerland
Researcher Identifies Genetic Elements Involved in Heart Development
Plenty more phish: Why employees fall for scams and what companies can do about it
‘We look at whether education policy really contributes to equality of opportunity’
Secrets behind “Game of Thrones” unveiled by data science and network theory
Researchers pave way for supercows
Research Fund Denmark grants millions for green transition
Google Streetview shows social importance pedestrian friendly environment
Imperial academic scoops a Samsung AI Researcher of Year Award
University of Southern California leads new artificial intelligence study of Alzheimer’s disease
Birdwatching from afar: amazing new AI-enabled camera system to target specific behaviors
Artificial intelligence helps predict risk of developing mouth cancer
An introduction to National Skills Commission Data and Projects
Allens launches legal accelerator with Collective Campus
Flash graphene rocks strategy for plastic waste
Unity between audio and visual cues, key to detecting deepfakes
Researchers look to control organ function through new computational model
ABS research keeps Amsterdam clean: real-time image recognition for litter collection
In search of perfect picture with machine learning
Small brain device proves big game changer for severely paralysed patients
Research into future of work begins
Sensors driven by machine learning sniff-out gas leaks fast