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University of Southern California collaborates in $20 million effort to push new frontiers in AI and optimization
Detailed, 3D map created from piece of visual cortex of mouse brain to support machine learning
Optimizing phase change material usage could reduce power plant water consumption
AI learns physics to optimize particle accelerator performance
Q-CTRL and University of Sydney announce machine learning technique to pinpoint quantum errors
What lies beneath: building blocks of life
This Behavioral Scientist Wants to Help People Overcome Covid Vaccine Hesitancy
New Tool Predicts Sudden Death in Inflammatory Heart Disease
University of Toronto prof’s AI startup, Deep Genomics, raises US$180 million: Globe and Mail
$5m grant to turbocharge aquaculture research in north
Predicting drug absorption in miniatured human liver
Blood test for your body clock? It’s on horizon
Scientists call on more research to determine ‘tipping point’ of supervolcanoes
Machine Learning for Cardiovascular Disease Improves When Social, Environmental Factors Are Included
Researchers Create Powerful Quantum Source with Meta-lens Array
DCED grant funds Behrend ‘smart manufacturing’ partnership
Scientists can detect brain tumours using simple urine or blood plasma test
Four themes identified as contributors to diseases of despair in Pennsylvania
Developing machine learning tools for soil moisture data
New mathematical model assesses ICU patients’ mortality risk
New insights into immune responses to malaria
Training Next Generation of ‘CyberCops’
Surrey builds AI to find anti-aging chemical compounds
Researchers develop tool to drastically speed up study of enzymes
Team streamlines neural networks to be more adept at computing on encrypted data
Researchers use AI to predict risk of developing type 2 diabetes
Registrations ongoing for virtual forum on industrial machine learning applications
Artificial intelligence models to analyze cancer images take shortcuts that introduce bias
Gaming graphics card allows faster, more precise control of fusion energy experiments
Visualizing city’s energy use
World-Renowned Experts in Optical Communications, Photodetection and Light Trapping to Headline 2021 OSA Advanced Photonics Congress
Scientists automate brain MRI image labeling, more than 100,000 exams labeled in under 30 minutes
Multi-million project will shape future of sustainable aviation
Regional cooperation key to harness emerging technologies for sustainable development
New framework applies machine learning to atomistic modeling
Fang, Sandholm Honored for Significant Contributions to AI
Lincoln Laboratory convenes top network scientists for Graph Exploitation Symposium
New tool differentiates endangered salt marsh harvest mouse from abundant look-alike
Wearable brain-machine interface turns intentions into actions
To save species, check its ID
Rensselaer Team Aims To Pave Way for Robust AI in Medical Imaging
Novel method predicts if COVID-19 clinical trials will fail or succeed
UWA awarded $8 million to lead two new Industrial Training Centres
UNSW tops ARC Research Hub grants
GP cancer expert bolsters Exeter’s research expertise
Modeling human brain with machine learning
Max Welling will lead new Microsoft Research Lab in Amsterdam
Using satellite images to improve human lives