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Novel High-performance Magnets Developed in High Magnetic Field Laboratory in Hefei
High Magnetic Fields Control Both Rate and Product of Chemical Reactions
RUDN University chemists obtained an unusual planar nickel complex exhibiting magnetic properties
3D laser scanner is shaking up component inspection at CERN
More unsafe magnetic products removed from sale following OPSS action
Qualifying HL-LHC magnets and cavities at Uppsala University
Researchers Resolve Magnetic Structures of Different Topological Semimetals
Christmas in July Market
Novel Magnet Design with Magic Mirror-like Properties
High-Luminosity LHC project takes shape at Point 1
An upgraded Inner Tracking System joins ALICE detector
RADES joins hunt for dark matter
Peter Evans Chef Pty Ltd fined $79,920 for alleged unlawful advertising
New Penn State laboratory to perform mineral dating method key to Earth research
Superconducting coils for 11 T dipoles have been delivered
Water and quantum magnets share critical physics
Drones launched in Mid-West
LIFEPAK CR2 Defibrillator
OPSS launches magnet safety campaign
Reel Deal: GoFish Nagambie Making A Splash In 2021
Police are responding to serious crash – Mount Magnet
Scanning tunneling microscopy reveals origins of stable skyrmion lattices
Time to lock in a sustainable recovery
Insight – Green shift in US to boost Australian critical minerals
Inductance based on a quantum effect has potential to miniaturize inductors
Astronomers spot bizarre, never-before-seen activity from one of strongest magnets in Universe
Zhejiang University sets up Institute of Asian Civilizations
Design Tender Released for Jabiru Health Centre
Rock magnetism uncrumples Himalayas’ complex collision zone
2021 – 2026 strategic plan: inspiring generations
LS2 Report: Review of a rather unusual year
LS2 Report: Review of a rather unusual year
Revolutionary superconducting magnet plate design and analysis
Amanda Hubbard honored with Secretary of Energy’s Appreciation Award
Apple introduces AirPods Max, magic of AirPods in a stunning over-ear design
Reinstalling revamped ALICE Miniframe
World’s Smallest High-performance Magnetic Tunnel Junction
Magnetic vortices come full circle
PPPL awarded total of $4 million to simplify design and construction of stellarator fusion energy facilities
Scientists develop a magnetic switch with lower energy consumption
Perrottet’s tax idea would seal NSW’s fate as dirty car capital of world
A very special superconductor
MADMAX and CERN’s Morpurgo magnet
MADMAX and CERN’s Morpugo magnet
Put a magnet on your fridge FAST
Queensland Election Result
Cabling of LHC detectors moves up a gear thanks to automation of testing
LS2 report: waiting for antiprotons