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Protecting diversity of life
First animals developed complex ecosystems before Cambrian explosion
Unchecked global emissions on track to initiate mass extinction of marine life
Biodiversity and ecosystem protection highlighted on Mother Earth Day
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Climate change and Michigan: Challenges and opportunities
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How major volcanic eruption paved way for rise of dinosaurs
Sulphurous end for dinosaurs, according to new research
Sulphurous death for unlucky dinosaurs
Study finds soil erosion and wildfire another nail in coffin for Triassic era
Newly identified softshell turtle lived alongside T. rex and Triceratops
Food insecurity breeds conflict
Three critical factors in end-Permian mass extinction
Social networking for fossils reveals community impacts of mass extinctions
Ancient oxygen levels provide clues to timing of life and death on Earth
Canberra well placed to play role in global asteroid detection
Sediment cores from ocean floor could contain 23-million-year-old climate change clues
High-resolution 3D study of pine pollen finds nanofoams are key to surviving mass extinctions
Shocked zircon find ‘one-off gift’ from Mars
Low Volcanic Temperature Ushered in Global Cooling and Thriving of Dinosaurs
Clean Air Action Affects Black Carbon and Aerosol Optical Properties in Beijing
Researchers Discover Direct Linkage between Intensified Volcanism and Immediate Weathering
Earth on trajectory to Sixth Mass Extinction say biologists
Researchers find low oxygen and sulfide in oceans played greater role in ancient mass extinction
Researchers Investigate Benthic Marine Redox Conditions from Late Permian to Earliest Triassic
New study pinpoints twin triggers of Triassic era extinction event
Large study assesses cancer risk among mammals
Solving disappearance of bears and lions with ancient DNA
Want to survive mass extinction event? Ask ancient lizards how
10 Imperial moments that were out of this world in 2021
Earth’s first giant
Study offers new insights into when modern mammals evolved
Modern mammals originated after dinosaur extinction, confirms new study
Research offers new insights into timeline of mammal evolution
Looking at factors that accelerate mass extinction in fossil record as climate changes
‘Photosynthetic’ algae can survive dark
Deadliest period in Earth’s history was also stinkiest
Hot neighbours, ancient maths and paleopocalypse: our most-read science stories of 2021
Queen Mary academic wins American Association of Geographers’ Creativity Award
Size doesn’t matter: Rock composition determines how deadly meteorite impact is
Volcanic fertilisation of oceans drove severe mass extinction
Volcanic eruptions drove severe mass extinction, say scientists
Volcanic fertilization of oceans drove severe mass extinction, say scientists
Why it’s time to reconsider ecological contribution of introduced species — even in New Zealand
‘Volcanic winter’ likely contributed to ecological catastrophe 250 million years ago
Felsic Volcanism in South China Drove End-Permian Mass Extinction
460 million year-old fossil finds new home at UNESCO