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Fieldwork pieces together life at end of ‘Dinosaur Era’
Extreme volcanism did not cause massive extinction of species in late Cretaceous
Animals Died in ‘Toxic Soup’ During Earth’s Worst Mass Extinction, Warning for Today
Snakes diversified due to mass extinction
Crocodile tours – fossil Caimans in North America
Consequences of loss of threatened vertebrates
Paleontologists discover three new species of primitive ungulates
Further evidence of 200 million-year cycle for Earth’s magnetic field
First global risk index for species declines and effects on humanity
Shark diversity unaffected when dinosaurs were wiped out
FSU researchers find oxygen spike coincided with ancient global extinction
Researchers find oxygen spike coincided with ancient global extinction
Academy Fellows among ARC Linkage Project recipients
Bird brains left other dinosaurs behind
Nationwide search for climate leaders launched
Repeating mistakes: why plan to protect world’s wildlife falls short
Diversity of tiny bobtail squid driven by ancient biogeographical events, finds new study
Asteroid that killed off dinosaurs still shaping life beneath impact crater
Researchers revive endangered Blackfoot language using digital technology
New geochemical study confirms cause of end-Permian mass extinction event
Earth Has a Pulse-A 27.5-Million-Year Cycle of Geological Activity
Snails carrying world’s smallest computer help solve mass extinction survivor mystery
Scientists track veil of toxic metals carried in Kīlauea’s gas plumes, revealing hidden dangers of volcanic pollution
Pandemic paleo: A wayward skull, at-home fossil analyses, a first for Antarctic amphibians
Pandemic-era paleontology: A wayward skull, at-home fossil analyses and a first for Antarctic amphibians
Herbivores developed powerful jaws to digest tougher plants following Mass Extinctions
Ankle and foot evolution gave mammals a leg up
60 million years of separation have left their mark on eucalypt genome
Nobody cares about fugly flowers
New book explores causes and consequences of our biodiversity crisis
Ancient humans not to blame for mass island extinction
Humans weren’t always agents of destruction when arriving on uninhabited islands
Past Humans Not Cause of Island Extinctions
Mammals evolved big brains after big disasters
Study shows how mammals evolved bigger brains
Time for a mass extinction metrics makeover
‘Dead clades walking’: Fossil record provides new insights into mass extinctions
Scientists zero in on role of volcanoes in demise of dinosaurs
Jari Niemelä: We must not leave future generations behind
New study investigates how life on land recovered after “The Great Dying”
Oceans were stressed preceding abrupt, prehistoric global warming
Reflect nature’s ‘true value’ in economic policies and decisions, UN chief urges
UNM researchers: Scientists describe earliest primate fossils
‘Leaky’ noble gas behavior could provide missing link in predicting climate change
Investigating mathematics of extinction
Grim prognosis – we’re on track for a ghastly future