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Extinct Island Animals Can’t Be Restored
Ancient Biodiversity Crises: Extinction Vulnerability Unpredictable
Ancient Sea Reptile Discovered on Arctic Island
Scientists Fooled by Touch-Me-Not Plants for Decades
Earth Map Collaborates with Users for Climate-Conscious World
Plan Important for Building Conservation Networks
Oldest Fossil Gnat Reveals Insect Adaptation to Postapocalyptic World
California’s Non-Closure During Pandemic
North American Oil Source Offers Clues to Deadly Extinction
Earth System Boundaries Must Include Justice: Researchers Find
Jurassic Shark Highly Evolved: Study Finds
Jurassic Shark Highly Evolved
Biodiversity Loss Led to ‘Great Dying’ Ecological Collapse: Study
Great Dying Biodiversity Loss Led to Ecological Collapse: Study
Massive Fossil Study: End-Cretaceous Extinction’s Impact on Sharks, Rays Varied
Fossils reveal dinosaurs of prehistoric Patagonia
Fossils Reveal Earth Had Complex Ecosystems Long Ago
Marine Ecosystems Rapidly Recovered After Great Dying
Ancient Climate Shaped Deep Sea Sand: Study
‘Oldest Marine Crocodile Discovered on Jurassic Coast’
John Perlin to Show Link Between Civilization & Forests at UCSB
Mercury Helps to Detail Earth’s Most Massive Extinction Event
Earth’s Wild History Revealed Through Impact Craters
Why biodiversity matters and what world is doing about it
Fossils Unearth Prehistoric Patagonian Dinosaurs
Rapid fluctuations in oxygen levels coincided with Earth’s first mass extinction
Fossil Pollen Implicates Ozone Depletion in Mass Extinction
Fossil Plants Reveal UV Radiation Responsible for Mass Extinctions
Fossil Pollen Uncovers Ozone Depletion Role in Mass Extinction
People Power: COP15 highlights
Bandage for Biodiversity: Protection Promised
COP15 Acknowledges Indigenous Efforts, But Won’t Stop Mass Extinction
Extinction cascades will decimate world biodiversity by 2050
Scientists discover what was on menu of first dinosaurs
Dinosaurs’ Dietary Habits Revealed by Scientists
Climate Change Aided Dinosaurs’ Rise
Study of Fossil Katydids Provides New Insights on Evolution of Mesozoic Soundscape
Chinese Fossil Shows Modern Bird Skull Evolved from Mixture of Dinosaur and Bird Features
Avoiding climate breakdown depends on protecting Earth’s biodiversity — can COP15 summit deliver?
Greenpeace calls for stronger biodiversity finance from wealthy countries for developing countries, Indigenous Peoples
Fossil discovered in storage cupboard moves origin of modern lizard back 35 million years
Mars megatsunami may have been caused by Chicxulub-like asteroid impact
Fossil overturns more than century of knowledge about origins of modern birds
Methane discovery sheds new light on world’s largest mass extinction event
UN conference: Is it time for biodiversity to take centre stage?
Researchers find decrease in crucial trace element preceded ancient mass extinction
Earth may be experiencing 7th mass extinction, not 6th
How big were ancient amphibians?