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Wolfgang Baumeister wins Stifterverbandspreis 2019
Stem cells moonlight to protect stomach from bacterial invaders
Artificial intelligence learns to recognize nerve cells by their appearance
Max Planck Society convenes in Hamburg
Satellite with X-ray vision
Matthias Mann nominated for European Inventor Award 2019
Hidden structure of periodic system
Origins of Cannabis Smoking: Marijuana Use in First Millennium BC
Brains of birds synchronize when they sing duets
One of simplest animals live in symbiosis with bacteria
Dramatic change in ancient pastoralist diets associated with expansion of political networks
Ancient DNA sheds light on migration and impact of Arctic hunter-gatherers to North America about 5000 years
Details of first historically recorded plague pandemic revealed by ancient genomes
Human ancestors invented stone tools several times
Improved diabetes in spite of obesity
Humans used northern migration routes to reach eastern Asia