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Intestinal bacteria trigger postoperative complications
Dieting: brain amplifies signal of hunger synapses
Erin Schuman is awarded with Brain Prize 2023
Attack from gut
Beethoven’s genome
Air pollution impairs successful mating of flies
Catalysts of energy transition
Language acquisition in multilingual children
Creating 3D objects with sound
Major advance in super-resolution fluorescence microscopy
Life in smoke of underwater volcanoes
Ice Age Survivors
Honeycombs in desert
Seabirds in eye of storm
Passerine bird takes advantage of human settlements
Symbiotic fungi produce attractants for bark beetles
Symbiotic fungi transform terpenes from spruce resin into attractants for bark beetles
75 Years Max Planck Society
Risk Comm. Can Help Counter Vaccine Hesitancy: Interactive Approach
Covid Measures: How Strict Do They Need To Be?
Free speech vs. harmful misinformation
Protein droplets may cause many types of genetic disease
Exoplanet that could host life
Robots and A.I. team up to discover highly selective catalysts
10 ERC Consolidator Grants for Max Planck researchers
Not just mood swings but premenstrual depression
Max Planck Director Brenda Schulman receives Louis-Jeantet Prize
GIST Scientists Develop Protective Layer for Catalysts, Prolongs Life and Performance
European Championship with side effects
Diagnosis digital disease
Chloroplast from father
Unexpected Insights on Bering Land Bridge and Ice Sheets Emergence
Germany’s President visits German-Brazilian research station
Breakthrough in plant breeding
Bering Land Bridge Formed Surprisingly Late in Last Ice Age
Slime for climate, delivered by brown algae
Less infectious particles from children’s lungs
Over 50 years of technology transfer
Scientific highlights 2022
Research into Impacts of Human Occupation on Brazilian Atlantic Rainforest Receives Funding
Agriculture makes weed
Leibniz Prize 2023 for Sarah Ellen O’Connor
Humans Struggle to Identify Aggression in Dogs, Other Humans
Anatomical barriers shield brain from SARS-CoV-2 invasion at vulnerable interfaces
Head-mounted microscope measures neuron activity
“We have to do a better job of utilizing our own ideas”
Iron for energy storage
Interdisciplinary Environmental Hi How Narratives of Past can meet Challenges of Anthropocene