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Long day for microbes
Clever cockatoos in southern Sydney have learned to open curb-side bins – and it has global significance
Clever cockatoos learn through social interaction
EU project ADMIRE launched
Where are Foreigners of First International Age?
World’s Earliest Shark Attack Victim Identified in Japan
DNA from sediment reveals epic history of Denisova Cave
Indigenous Mortality Following Spanish Colonization Did Not Always Lead to Forest Regrowth
Wet Tropics’ wildlife is celebrated worldwide
Evolution of Lactase Persistence in Sudan and South Sudan
Champagne of energy transition: Australia could supply large quantities of green hydrogen as early as 2023
Newly Discovered African ‘Climate Seesaw’ Drove Human Evolution
Plant flowering in low-nitrogen soils: a mechanism revealed
Half of Guadeloupe’s Snakes and Lizards Went Extinct after European Colonization
How a small fish coped with being isolated from sea
Surprising Evolutionary History of our Oral Bacteria
Sydney archaeologist helps reveal oldest human burial in Africa
Oldest Human Burial in Africa
Past Humans Not Cause of Island Extinctions
Researchers investigate structural changes in snap-frozen proteins
Lighting it up: Fast material manipulation through a laser
Gold digger: Neural networks at nexus of data science and electron microscopy
Archaeological Data Demand New Approaches to Biodiversity Conservation
University of Toronto and Max Planck Society establish centre to study neural science and technology
New Discovery Reveals Early Dispersal of Neolithic Domesticated Sheep into Heart of Central Asia
Neanderthal Ancestry Identifies Oldest Modern Human Genome
Urban squirrels, how much are we disturbing you?
Increased rainfall and the water miracles of Italian saints
Increased Precipitation and Watery Miracles of Italian Saints
Ancient Genomes Trace Origin and Decline of Scythians
Magnetic fields at edge of a black hole
Ancient Megafaunal Mutualisms and Extinctions as Factors in Plant Domestication
Towards a Better Understanding of Societal Responses to Climate Change
Zooming in on Muscle Cells
Stimulating Immune System to Fight Cancer
Play automation game
Dr. Patrick Roberts Receives Prestigious Heinz Maier-Leibnitz Prize
Motility allows Adaptation
New Corona test developed
A blazing nearby super-Earth
Debris of stellar explosion found at unusual location
Starvation turns slime moulds into multicellular organisms
Dioscuri: Fourth call for Dioscuri Centres now open
Delmic licenses Cryo Workflow Tools
Genomic insights into origin of pre-historic populations in East Asia
Step-by-step plans without yoyo effect
New research on mitochondrial function can play significant part in serious disease
Atomic nuclei in quantum swing