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Mixture and Migration Brought Food Production to sub-Saharan Africa
Discovery of Oldest Bow and Arrow Technology in Eurasia
Drought 2018: Warm springtime’s unwelcome legacy
Friedrich Bonhoeffer receives 2020 Gruber Neuroscience Prize
Cold plasma against coronavirus
A Tropical Disease in Medieval Europe Revises History of a Pathogen Related to Syphilis
Attack on autopilots
Helping damaged nerves to re-grow
Confirming Einstein’s most fortunate thought
Human presence weakens social relationships of wild giraffes
Humans disrupt giraffes’ social system
Max Planck ETH Center for Learning Systems extended by five years
Ancient Genomic Insights Into Early Peopling of Caribbean
A touch of gold and silver
A mirror image of Earth and Sun
“We pulled out all stops”
Microtransporter in an artificial blood vessel
Bacteria leave signature in colon cancer cells
Ancient Genomes Link Subsistence Change and Human Migration in Northern China
Extended Parenting Helps Young Birds Grow Smarter
Heightened Interaction Between Neolithic Migrants and Hunter-Gatherers in Western Europe
New awards to enable ‘quantum’ leaps in research
Human Mobility and Western Asia’s Early State-Level Societies
“The only things you want to conserve are things you know”
Constant addition of nutrients into our ecosystems is depleting biodiversity
Green production of mandelic acid
Professor Andrew Fabian awarded Kavli Prize
Quarantine without protection
Sugar turns brown algae into carbon sinks
Women with Neandertal gene give birth to more children
Climate change increases migration at expense of poor
Cultural diversity in chimpanzees
BLUESKY scrutinizes lockdown-altered atmosphere
How Well Do Germans Understand Weather Risks?
Bluesky examines atmosphere during Coronavirus lockdown
Cichlid fish loves exaggerated shells
Oldest Connection with Native Americans Identified Near Lake Baikal in Siberia
Found: Brain structure that controls our behaviour
Higgs boson and superconductivity
Subcellular chatter regulates longevity
Fountains on Europa
With repeated evolution to catmint
Corona: vaccination without a needle?
Light drives injection
Oldest Upper Paleolithic Homo sapiens in Europe
Pofatu: A New Database for Geochemical “Fingerprints” of Artefacts
Using self-nudging to make better choices
Young migrants at risk of mental illness