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Delta variant, warning Covid virus is getting ‘fitter and faster’
New consortium working to boost vaccine production in South Africa
Wide disparities in children’s body fat between most deprived and advantaged areas
National prize for world-leading asbestos diseases researcher
HKUMed researchers reveal benefits of Tai Chi in reducing central obesity
Rapid antigen testing isn’t perfect
Olympic spotlight: Nicole Hannan, beach volleyballer and naturopath
Results of latest Australian Total Diet Study released
Covid Exposure Notifications system launches for university community
Mechanism that triggers brain neuron response revealed
Presidential visit strengthens healthcare partnership with Kenya
Innovative gene therapy programme paves way for new treatments for neurodegenerative diseases
Macquarie Group Annual General Meeting and first quarter 2022 financial year update
Investigating long-haul impact of Covid on heart
Research Snapshot: Discovery points to ketamine’s long-term antidepressant effects
Global healthcare knowledge provider, BMJ, continues to drive open access to medical research with new multispecialty journal
Helping new mums sleep better without medication
CHARM health research conference opens online to public and professionals
Growing evidence suggests Russia’s Sputnik V COVID vaccine is safe and very effective
Patrys announces preclinical data for PAT-DX1 in pancreatic cancer
CTxONE rebrands as Oncology One
HKUMed develops inhaled dry powder formulation of broad-spectrum antiviral against Covid and influenza
Eating for hunger or pleasure involves regulating different brain circuits
New guidelines intended to help health providers prevent gun injuries and deaths
Lancaster University part of major research consortium on violence, health and society
Exeter part of research to improve adolescent mental health with £5.3 million award
New statement provides path to include ethnicity, ancestry, race in genomic research
Curious Kids: are sugar rushes real?
Frequency of incorrectly attributed paternity is lower than previously thought
£2.5 million for Exeter research to understand links between overlapping long-term conditions
Is Delta defeating us? Here’s why variant makes contact tracing so much harder
Researchers use AI to predict risk of developing type 2 diabetes
Young people share tips for coping with anger
Scientists reverse age-related memory loss in mice
‘An entourage effect’: new clues on how low-dose CBD products work
Llama ‘nanobodies’ could hold key to preventing deadly post-transplant infection
Innovative grant approaches used to tackle complex health problems
Scientists harness naturally abundant CRISPR-Cas system to edit superbugs
Delivering new prevention and treatment approaches for heart disease with digital health 22 July
Funding windfall to accelerate kidney research
Cell couriers deliver clue to cancer metastasis
New method predicts COVID-19 severity, could help with hospital triage
Cognitive decline may help predict future fracture risk in w
Canterbury study tackles head collision risks for junior rugby players
DNA regulator offers new hope for Hodgkin lymphoma treatment
Vaccine against pneumococcal disease reduces severe cases in children by 80% in Gambia
Genetics study in Pakistani and Bangladeshi communities will take action on health inequality
Researchers to study link between physical and mental health