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Study: DNA repair declines with age, which can limit fertility
Study: DNA repair declines with age, limiting fertility
Smaller eggs enhance IVF outcomes for male infertility in mice
Breaking DNA Goldilocks-style
Novel hypotheses that answer key questions about evolution of sexual reproduction
Study Provides Novel Evolutionary Insights into Unisexual Reproductive Success
Proof that Mendel discovered laws of inheritance decades ahead of his time
Research team classifies key gene for cell division for first time
Researchers Isolate Germline Stem Cells in Protogynous Hermaphroditic Monopterus albus
Shedding light on spermatogenesis failure caused by testicular warming
Turning X chromosome “off and on again” critical for oocyte development
International siblings study sheds new light on nature of genetics of disease
Roundworms’ egg cells have backup plan
Researchers discover when pollen comes of age
Missing ‘motor’ causes our eggs to fail
At UO, women in STEM are making science better for all
Successful fertilization requires careful coordination of chromosomes
Pew-funded partnership to tackle aging and longevity
Evolutionary ‘arms race’ may help keep cell division honest
Lagging chromosomes among causes of infertility
Researchers solve structure of BRCA2 protein complex important in DNA repair
It has been described how chromosomes are positioned during sperm differentiation
How information beyond genetic sequence is encoded in plant sperm
Researchers reveal Knl1 gene function in plants
Fragmenting in private
Mice need kinetochores rich in a microtubule crosslinker to achieve error-free oocyte division
Naturally evolved alleles of two proteins affect meiotic traits in a polyploid