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New candidate inhibits malignant melanoma growth
New Study Identifies Cancer-Associated Fibroblast Subtypes Based on Wound Fibroblasts and Matrix Patterns
Publication from Barz Lab in Advanced Materials
Effective treatment in rare but deadly form of cancer
How tumours transform blood vessels
Immune Cell Study May Improve Immunotherapy
Sally Everett – Dubbo’s “Woman of Year”
UV-sensing wearables project uses new ‘switchable dye’ tech
Less Melanoma & Extracutaneous Cancers in People with Atopy
Melanoma Outcomes Improve with Pre-Surgery Pembrolizumab
Affordable treatment for recurrent melanoma
Cholesterol medicine trial brings hope to cancer survivors
Lab-on-Chip Advancement in Space Life Science: Key Lab Literature Review
WA Community Donates $335k to Cancer Research in 12 Hours
Harsh reality of sun
Cancer Patients Lacking Crucial Immune Cells for Immunotherapy
Immune Cells may Predict Cancer Prognoses More Accurately
Research to Reduce Pain, Improve Chemo for Ovarian Cancer Patients
Princess Beatrice Visits UK Skin Cancer Experts as BSF Patron
New Advances in Melanoma Detection Help Spot Cancer
AI Training Method Offers Hope for Aggressive Cancer Treatments
Seaweed sugar triggers immune response to suppress melanomas
Vitamin D Linked to Lower Melanoma Rates
Cellular messengers improve cancer therapy
Bioengineered Genes Boost Cancer Immunotherapies
CNIO Researchers Find Way to Predict Effectiveness of Common Breast Cancer Drug
Breast conserving therapy may be treatment option for some patients with multiple breast injuries
Melanoma treatments, mortality trends in United States
Dangerous TikTok summer beauty trends
Biomarker predicts resistance to immunotherapies in melanoma
5 Things to Know about Skin cancer
Researchers identify subset of patients with early melanoma who face very low risk of dying from disease
Richard White joins Ludwig Oxford
Chinese Scientists Reveal Protein Mechanism Behind TB Pathogen Success
Local golfers hope to smash fundraising goal for those affected by cancer
Scientists reveal protein mechanism behind TB pathogen success
2 researchers improving treatment for people affected by advanced melanoma
Mediterranean diet improves immunotherapy response rates and progression-free survival in advanced melanoma
Nerves on spot
Tumors form temporary structures to avoid immunotherapy treatments
T cells use force to destroy cancer cells
Researchers discover potential new melanoma treatment, giving hope to patients
Cell therapy improves progression-free survival in advanced melanoma
Northbridge Golf Club helps reduce men’s risk of skin cancer
Moffitt physicians lead international study to identify melanoma patients with high-risk disease
Glycoprotein GPNMB is possible biomarker for Parkinson’s Disease risk
First image of antigen-bound T-cell receptor at atomic resolution
Stopping Moles from Turning into Deadliest Type of Skin Cancer