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Clinical trial of new treatment for melanoma
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Algorithm that performs as accurately as dermatologists
Pfizer Confirms U.S. Patent Term Extension for IBRANCE Until March 2027
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Researchers Find NTRK Fusions More Common than Expected in Pediatric Tumors
Sun-safety – there’s more to it than you think
Pop some sun-safety in stockings – a life saver for babies upwards
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Cancer Council warns against use of aerosol sunscreens
Accurate Neural Network Computer Vision Without ‘Black Box’
How to check for melanoma
Telomere shortening protects against cancer
Cancer shifts to chronic disease, so living well matters
6 most common questions about sunscreen
MD Anderson and Obsidian Therapeutics announce strategic collaboration to accelerate advancement of novel
UV light may be a greater risk for melanoma than suspected
Certain CBD oils no better than pure CBD at inhibiting certain cancer cell lines
Researchers Discover How to Boost Efficacy of Vaccine Designed to Prevent Melanoma Recurrence
Study identifies patients with lung cancer most likely to respond to immunotherapy
Novel insights on cellular suicide could provide new avenues for cancer therapies
Mum’s melanoma shows importance of being sun smart
More Shade To Protect Victorian Students From Skin Cancer
McGill teams win big in new ‘Omics’ cancer competition
Skin cancer awareness; encouraging regular skin checks
Non-Melanoma skin cancer focus of new campaign
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Virus-mimicking drug helps immune system target cunning cancer cells
UVA Improves Care for Cancers That Have Spread to Brain
QIMR Berghofer PhD student selected as a finalist in 2020 Women in Technology Awards
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Pale melanomas masked by albino gene
3 steps to sun protection for golfers
KRAS inhibitor sotorasib appears safe, achieves durable clinical benefit in early trial