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Ky Cancer Needs Assessment Report Details Critical Steps to Address Cancer Burden
Skin drug treatments may regress dangerous birthmarks and prevent melanoma
Small Spot of Skin Cancer Can have Big Impact
Sun safety for children – new research will explore role of primary schools in preventing skin cancer
Skin Cancer in People of Color
Bonniefield champion raises $30,000 for cancer research
Can blood test help diagnose skin cancer?
World first: drug prevents human breast cancer
Novel cell survival mechanisms through RNA regulation in central nervous system
Study finds genetic link between melanoma and autoimmune conditions
Researchers develop first patient-derived cells to study leptomeningeal disease
Changing standard of care for stage III melanoma surgery
Scientists find natural mechanism to sensitize cancer to immunotherapy
Research Snapshot: Vanderbilt team discovers potential explanation for treatment resistance in skin cancer
National Skin Check Day
Patients with rare skin cancer face 40% recurrence rate
Cancer Council strongly urges Australians against aerosol sunscreens
Generous community donates more than $400,000 for WA cancer research
UCLA Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center scientists identify germline signature that predicts side effects from anti-PD1/PDL1 checkpoint
NIH study advances personalized immunotherapy for metastatic breast cancer
Knowing your risk for skin cancer may limit unhealthy behaviors
Researchers are developing cancer vaccine candidate
First patient dosed in phase I/IIa trial of lung cancer immunotherapy vaccine
Health Hat Trick? Hockey Fan’s Eye for Skin Cancer May Have Saved Life
Immunotherapy combination shows significant benefit for patients with advanced melanoma
Relatlimab plus nivolumab improves progression-free survival in metastatic melanoma
Target identified to improve immunotherapy against solid tumors
Dermatologists Warn Summer Alcohol Consumption May Increase Risk of Melanoma
Talk between immune cells could lead to new cancer vaccine
Which Patients Benefit Most from Immunotherapy? This Tool Can Tell
Hollywood Private Hospital top recruiting site for global Moderna melanoma clinical trial
Rigidifying cancer cells for better immunotherapy
Over $4 million in grants to boost cancer research at Centenary Institute
Artificial intelligence to detect skin cancer
Vintage design wins SunSmart fashion design competition
Targeted drug combination shows unprecedented activity in some highly aggressive brain tumors
KU Leuven develops an assay for patient-specific monitoring and treatment for ovarian cancer
Pfizer Completes Acquisition of Trillium Therapeutics
Antitumoral effects of chemerin
Ludwig Cancer Research study identifies cellular interactions essential to immune attack on ovarian tumors
Preventing leukemia by preventing rogue blood cells from taking over
Association between melanoma detected during routine skin checks, risk of death
Commonly found parasite could treat certain types of cancer, say scientists
How to check for melanoma 1 November
Metastases use divided blood vessels to grow
New discovery tackles treatment-resistant melanoma
Bronzed Aussies dont link tanning with skin cancer
To selectively kill cancer cells, target protein channel in cell’s lysosome