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Researchers Have ‘Eureka’ Moment When Studying Molecule’s Role in Lymphedema
Time to scale-up prevention over detection of skin cancers
QIMR Berghofer scientist named Cure Cancer Researcher of year
AI taps human wisdom for faster, better cancer diagnosis
Bereaved individuals may face higher risk of dying from melanoma
Government strengthens support for melanoma patients with breakthrough treatment expanded on PBS
Pre-operative immunotherapy shows promise in oral cancers
2 in 3 Aussie adults still bronzed
Researchers identify possible new combination treatment for advanced melanoma
Innovation Clonal neoantigen specific tumour-infiltrating lymphocytes for cancer treatment
New strategy to stop melanoma spread
A little purple reminder to help prevent Summer Sunburn
Discovery of new T-cell raises prospect of ‘universal’ cancer therapy
B cells linked to effective cancer immunotherapy
New Year must be time for sunscreen surety
Researchers reprogram T cells to improve cancer immunotherapy
4.8 million people in NSW were sunburnt last summer
Lifesaving Training Helps Doctors Find Skin Cancer Faster
How much sunshine causes melanoma? It’s in your genes
Skin Cancer Action Week reminds us to Slip, Slop, Slap, Seek and Slide
Australian researcher uncovering keys to malaria elimination receives major research award
Study: Melanoma rates drop sharply among teens, young adults
New insights into Queensland’s cancer burden
October edition of Australian Prescriber out now
Australian researchers recruit for world’s largest skin cancer study
Genome screen uncovers new targets for cancer immunotherapy
Helping Victorians To Stay Safe In Sun
Numbers count in genetics of moles and melanomas
More cancer cases among women with sleep apnea
Slip, Slop, Slap, Seek and Slide before you shop for those Ekka show bags
Otago research shines light on cancer cells
Scientists develop nano-vaccine for melanoma
#BeatEngland, beat sunburn: UV sticker raises cricket fans’ sunscreen use
WHO updates global guidance on medicines and diagnostic tests to address health challenges
Anti-worm drug inhibits tumour growth and spread in mice
Pathogen Engineered to Self-Destruct Underlies Cancer Vaccine Platform
Confining cell-killing treatments to tumors
New Zealand falling behind rest of world in cancer treatment
Ozone depletion impacting human health
Oregon State researchers identify compounds that starve melanoma cancer cells of energy
Personalized nanovaccines are safe, well tolerated, and have an effect in melanoma
Do you use protection? Here’s why you need to practice safe sun
Australian pilots not at higher risk of melanoma
FFA statement on passing of David Cervinski
New technique may improve detection and treatment of advanced brain cancer
Sunburn statistics a warning against complacency
Oppositions skin cancer prevention campaign would save lives and money
Opposition’s skin cancer prevention campaign would save lives and money