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UK PM call with Chancellor Merkel 22 July 2021
U.S. President Biden’s Remarks Before Air Force One Departure 22 July
UK PM call with German Chancellor Angela Merkel 22 July 2021
Opening session of IAS Conference on HIV Science
Germany reinforces its commitment to support WHO’s work
Statement on Vice President Kamala Harris’s Meeting with Dr. Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Federal Republic of Germany
FACT SHEET: U.S.-Germany Climate and Energy Partnership
Washington Declaration
UK PM meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel 2 July 2021
Women must no longer be ‘squeezed into a small corner’, landmark Forum declares
Foreign Secretary signs landmark Joint Declaration with Germany
Secretary Blinken’s Meeting with German Chancellor Merkel
United States and Germany: Strengthening Our Alliance
Countdown begins towards Generation Equality Forum
Secretary Blinken’s Travel to Germany, France, Italy, and Vatican
RNE and Leopoldina call for swift action — lay foundations for climate neutrality now
Background Press Call by a Senior Administration Official After G7 Plenary Session Two
UK PM meeting with Chancellor Merkel 12 June 2021
Statement by White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki on Visit of Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany
Munster champions raise over $10,000 for Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea
Munster champions hope to raise $5000 over a cuppa
Proactively shaping digital world
Chad Mirkin to receive Acta Biomaterialia Gold Medal
UNESCO declares environmental education must be a core curriculum component by 2025
UNESCO urges making environmental education a core curriculum component in all countries by 2025
Rising to challenges of climate crisis by working together
Briefing with Senior State Department Officials With Traveling Press May 6, 2021 En Route to Joint Base Andrews
UK PM remarks at Petersberg Climate Dialogue 6 May 2021
Petersberg Climate Dialogue Charts Path to Net-Zero Emissions
Focussing on climate negotiations with six months to go until COP26
Early-warning ‘pandemic hub’ plan unveiled by WHO’s Tedros and Germany’s Merkel
WHO, Germany launch new global hub for pandemic and epidemic intelligence
UK PM call with Chancellor Merkel 5 May 2021
Chad Mirkin to receive G.M. Kosolapoff Award
Based and reliable international order is basis for peaceful relations between states’ says German Chancellor Angela Merkel
University of Toronto and Max Planck Society establish centre to study neural science and technology
Readout of President Biden Call with Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany
Angela Merkel to address PACE spring session
Centre-right MEPs less cohesive on votes about EU fundamental values during Fidesz era, study shows
Communitas Prize for Viola Priesemann
UK PM call with Chancellor Merkel 8 February 2021
‘Not nearly enough women in politics in Netherlands’
Stand against antisemitism with ‘utmost determination’ – German Chancellor Merkel
On Holocaust Remembrance Day, UNESCO mobilizes governments and private sector
UN chief calls for urgent action against neo-Nazis in Holocaust remembrance message
Collaboration and Environmental Protection Dominate Leadership Addresses on Day Two of Davos Agenda
EU not worth having without free movement: say 74% of Europeans in Oxford survey
UNESCO, UN and International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance commemorate Holocaust Remembrance Day to counter denial and distortion