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United States’ ocean conservation efforts have major gaps
Ultrahigh piezoelectric performance demonstrated in ceramic materials
Aging well in pandemic: Older adults share what it takes
Baby formula shortages spell trouble for low-income families
University-developed software that doubles 3D printing speeds hits market
How wife recognized signs of stroke and helped save her husband
Background Press Call by Senior Administration Officials on Actions to Expand Infant Formula
Dynamics of adaptive immunity in tuberculosis uncovered
Polarized Instagrammers fueled media coverage of NFL athlete activism
Majority of Detroiters report stable, improved financial situation compared to year ago
Hospices vary widely in prescribing “comfort kit” medications
Solar-powered desalination device wins MIT $100K competition
Nanobiotics: Model predicts how nanoparticles interact with proteins
Ancient grains: Grant will help U-M researchers rethink Roman diets
Helping kids with congenital hand differences
Smead Aerospace houses new partnership on autonomous air mobility and sensing
Wisconsin fox kits test positive for highly pathogenic avian influenza
Hospices vary widely in prescribing of “comfort kit” medications
Honoring achievements of LGBTQ+ Mavericks
President Biden Issues Call for State and Local Leaders to Dedicate More American Rescue Plan Funding to Make Our Communities Safer
More cardiovascular disease in lean people with nonalcoholic fatty liver disease than
Mother-daughter duo demonstrates power of nurse’s care
Poll shows impact of menopause and other health issues on older women’s sex lives
Readout of President Biden’s Virtual Meetings with Retailers and Infant Formula Manufacturers
Background Press Call by Senior Administration Officials to Address Infant Formula Shortage
President Biden Announces Additional Steps to Address Infant Formula Shortage
Poll reveals impact of menopause and other health issues on older women’s sex lives
Scientist part of group to reveal first image of black hole at heart of our galaxy
Ultrasound technology helps destroy liver tumors in rats
How-to guide to latest COVID therapies
Livestock and Dairying Led To Dramatic Social Changes in Ancient Mongolia, U-m Study Shows
Livestock and dairying led to dramatic social changes in ancient Mongolia
U.S. President Biden Nominates Bipartisan Slate for United States Sentencing Commission
Same-race friends help teens connect to school
Powering moon: Sandia researchers design microgrid for future lunar base
Press Briefing by Press Secretary Jen Psaki, May 10, 2022
Michigan Tech Brings TechMBA to Grand Traverse Region
New method to medical guidelines, taking inspiration from Wikipedia
Astronomers find ‘gold standard’ star in Milky Way
Investment in public schools reduces contact with criminal justice system, according to U
Fossils reveal tropically hot North America 95 million years ago
Study finds no smoking gun, urges further research
Study finds nanomedicine targeting lymph nodes key to triple negative breast cancer treatment
Research tempers optimistic projections for special purpose acquisition companies, or SPACs
President Biden and Vice President Harris Reduce High-Speed Internet Costs for Millions of Americans
Big ideas require big money
Operating rooms are climate change contributor no one’s talking about
Amcor PowerPost is next-generation technology that delivers more sustainable bottle and better consumer experience