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Call to break discrimination barrier
What’s it like to be on Venus or Pluto?
New Monash University program to support international scholars facing persecution
Unglitching system: Advancement in predicting software vulnerabilities
$10.7 million to advance Australian neurological research
Monash University asks question: is next generation endangered?
Using artificial intelligence to stop antibiotic resistant superbug outbreaks in our hospitals
Considering an IUD but worried about pain during insertion?
Survey shows majority of Coalition voters support reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and government focus on climate change
Labor integrity commission to investigate allegations from ‘long time ago’
New insights into rock erosion on Mars could pinpoint when planet may have been habitable
Healing Power of Play for Rohingya Refugees
Cochrane Review highlights need for new interventions to improve chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
Sweet discovery could drive down inflammation, cancers and viruses
Launch of Monash Scholars at Risk Speaker Series
Volunteers receive first dose in clinical trial of Melbourne-made Covid vaccines
Australia has rich deposits of critical minerals for green technology
Monash University scientist elected to Royal Society
Scientists discover new phage therapy combination to combat antibiotic-resistance
Potential pathway linking infant infections to cardiovascular disease risk
Outstanding Academy Fellows elected to Royal Society
Victoria Reinventing Railways With Recycled Waste
Expanding Bus Services In Melbourne’s East
$1 million in cyber skills to stop $100 million in cybercrime
Photographers fight for human rights
Promising treatment for dementia
Experts sound alarm on AMR bacteria found in Australian supermarket meats
New report stimulates ‘green wave’ to net-zero tomorrow
A burnt-out health workforce impacts patient care
Monash University and Fiji National University launch Climate Change Research Centre
Genetic score predicts individuals’ risk of needing knee and hip replacements
Monash University’s mammoth surplus mean it’s time to end wage theft and hire more staff
Leveraging science of hibernation to improve human heart health
Over 1,100 species live in Antarctica – but they’re at risk from human activity
$10 million investment fuels promising treatments for inflammatory lung disease
Researcher founding scientist of new biotech company launched with AUD$10m investment
Using desserts to decode computer science
Hitting nerve: how antidepressants treat nerve pain
Monash University Opens World-Class Robotics Research Facility
Community healthcare workers were left feeling isolated and under-appreciated during pandemic
Honeybees join humans as only known animals that can tell difference between odd and even numbers
Times Higher Education Impact Rankings 2022 released
New Proton Capture Rate of Arsenic-65 Changes Periodic Thermonuclear X-ray Bursts
Professor Elizabeth Hartland to Chair VicAAMRI
Suburban Rail Loop to slash travel times
Professor Elizabeth Hartland new Chair of VicAAMRI
Life on spectrum and ceramic genius
Research helping to amplify Ukrainian refugee voices