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Apgar score effective in assessing health of preterm infants
Prestigious Spinoza Prize for polymer chemist Jan van Hest
Prestigious Spinoza Prize for polymer chemist Jan van Hest
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COVID-19 threatens entire nervous system
A Deep-Learned E-Skin Decodes Complex Human Motion
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Birth of tentacles
WA records fourth case of meningococcal disease
A soft touch for robotic hardware
Vitamin B3 revitalizes energy metabolism in muscle disease
Corona: vaccination without a needle?
Physically demanding jobs linked to shorter working lives and more sick leave
Pregnancy testing ewes – benefits
Griffith Bridge and Ian O’Connor Building light up for ME/CFS Awareness Day
Infusing ethics into experiential learning
Trace mineral deficiency in lambs this year
Spike in sheep ill thrift prompts call to investigate early
UBC professor encourages seniors to pick up weights to combat frailty
Coronavirus and Kawasaki disease in children: it’s an intriguing but unproven link
University cognitive scientist livestreams daily meditation lessons during COVID-19
Scientists edge closer to treatment for myotonic dystrophy
Reduced obesity for weighted-vest wearers
Shrinking instead of growing: how shrews survive winter
Physio guide for COVID-19 patient recovery
Physicians, scientists and physician-scientists connect dots between heart disease
Muscle signals can pilot a robot
Parasite larvae could help fight allergies
Pete Evans’ company fined for alleged COVID-19 advertising breaches
Tissues protect their DNA under mechanical stress
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Protein can identify heart patients at increased risk of death
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COVID-19 sees cattle market flucuate
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Cells must age for muscles to regenerate in muscle-degenerating diseases
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Future of Human Healing Lies in Brain of a Starfish