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Bones, constructed like prestressed concrete
Ageing positively in Maroondah
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WYCI hitting record highs in April
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Free vaccines for teens
Two-year-old Ezekiel swings for joy
Increase in hepatitis cases in children under investigation
Penn Researchers Develop Injectable Microtissue to Preserve Muscle Function in Rats with Severed Sciatic Nerves
Diagnosing sports-related concussions may be harder than thought
New review launched into Vitamin D intake to help tackle health disparities
Five minutes of daily breath training improves exercise tolerance in middle-aged and older adults
New technique to unravel gene regulation
Drugs with fewer side effects through collaboration between LACDR and PTS
New studies highlight common mechanism for declining muscle function
BOLD and beautiful
Patrick Mehler ’23 spins and wins on ‘Wheel of Fortune’
Part of community in Broadwater
Patrick Mehler ’23 spins his chance on Wheel of Fortune
Researchers create synthetic scaffold to help grow lab muscle tissue
Skin biopsy can help identify patients with Parkinson’s disease
Abattoir fined $55,000 after worker hit by forklift load
Dopamine triggers sleep state transitions
New hope for babies born with heart defect
Infant with meningococcal disease
Beware flood waters carrying animal diseases
New MRI method will better inform surgical decisions for babies born with heart defect
Supreme Court took EPA case for ‘exactly wrong reason’
Targeting necroptosis for inflammatory myopathies
More than one surgery is common for hernia patients