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Level of chromosomal abnormality in non-small cell lung cancer may predict response to immunotherapy
First 3D Images of a Giant Molecule
Statement from Australian Academy of Science – Kathleen Folbigg
Plant cells use autophagy to keep their mitochondrial population healthy
Crucial step in formation of deadly brain diseases discovered
A simple step to enhance CRISPR-Cas9 genome editing
New targeted agent achieves impressive response rate in trial with patients with uterine serous carcinoma
Variant B.1.1.7 of COVID-19 associated with a significantly higher mortality rate, research shows
How one patient’s rare mutation helped solve a mycobacterial mystery
Squids’ remarkable ability to tune both color and brightness of their iridescence comes down to a subtle but powerful mechanism
New model can predict how bacteria develop antibiotic resistance
An old antibiotic may combat drug-resistant tuberculosis
A new way beckons to treat severe obesity
Some more prone to tendon and ligament injuries
Basic cell health systems wear down in Huntington’s disease, analysis shows
Why male mosquitoes leave humans alone
Time-Lapse Reveals Hidden Dance of Roots
Glimmer of hope for generations of boys born with muscle wasting disease
Defeating enemy within: How evolution helps clone fish with their genetic burden
PHE statement on Variant of Concern and new Variant Under Investigation
Starling success traced to rapid adaptation
Researchers identify a new molecular mechanism related to severe anaphylaxis
Underestimated mutation potential of retrogenes
Unusual mutation causes defective sperm in boars
Researchers Demonstrate How Defects in Mitochondria May Lead to Autism Spectrum Disorder
Researchers find hormone treatment can be effective against polycystic kidney disease
Potential combined drug therapy for lung cancer
Inflammation in genetic epilepsy
What Do New Coronavirus Variants Mean?
Study findings improve accuracy of breast cancer risk estimates for women with no family history
Early breeding reduced harmful mutations in sorghum
A master cancer gene hijacks a ‘molecular crowbar’ to make breast cancer cells invasive
Imperial leads new consortium to study threats from new SARS-CoV-2 variants
Population density and virus strains will affect how regions can resume normal life
New variant of COVID-19 virus discovered in Columbus
Researchers Discover New Variant of COVID-19 Virus in Columbus, Ohio
Weaker skin barrier leads to faster uptake of chemicals
Plant biologists reveal genetic patterns in maize development
Speciation in presence of gene flow
Researchers find new mechanism underlying male infertility
WHO warns of COVID-19 ‘tipping point’ as cases rise across Europe
Stem cells may correct deformity and restore brain function after childhood disorder
Drug developed in part by MUSC holds promise for treating advanced prostate cancer
Prime Minister’s statement to House of Commons on COVID-19 regulations 6 January 2021
A CRISPR picture emerges on European Union GMO directive
HKUMed discovers a novel gene in causing rare disease “heterotaxy syndrome”
Scientists at Tel Aviv University Developed a Gene Therapy for Deafness
CDC to Require Negative COVID-19 Test for Air Travelers from United Kingdom to U.S