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NTU-SGH study finds reason why chemotherapy fails for some blood cancer patients
Rare skin syndrome subject of QUT/US company research program
New mouse model mimics earliest stages of Alzheimer’s disease
PKU School of Stomatology reports new phenotype of LRP6 mutation
How Roquin controls activity of immune cells
First dicamba-resistant waterhemp reported in Illinois
Combatting killer – better understanding what causes small cell lung cancer
Scientists Reveal Zipper Head Mechanism of Telomere Synthesis by Human Telomerase
Probing Dysregulation of Ubiquitin-Specific Protease 8 Activity in Cushing’s Disease
Newly-identified state in bacteria has major implications for antibiotic treatment and resistant strains
Antihypertensive drugs are effective in hereditary cerebral small vessel disease
Newly discovered genetic link to nonalcoholic inflammatory liver disease
New recessive neurodevelopmental disorder identified
Making sense of bacterial DNA data
Research finds clues to predict mortality in rare VEXAS syndrome
Novel Inhibitor Discovered for B-cell Lymphomas Treatment
Mapping structural features that regulate signaling protein’s specificity
Why some Darwin’s finch nestlings have yellow beaks
New discovery tackles treatment-resistant melanoma
Research finds gene crucial to sperm cell production
Researchers uncover gene involved in sexual conflict in fruit flies
Research finds unknown trigger for seizures
Epilepsy Research Reveals Previously Unknown Trigger for Seizures
DNA tangles can help predict evolution of mutations
Accumulated DNA damage linked to neurodegeneration in rare pediatric disorder
Serendipitous discovery leads to new understanding of how cells multitask
Genes and collective behavior
Adding ErbB tyrosine kinase inhibitor to KRAS inhibitor may help circumvent lung cancer resistance to prior therapies
Inhibition of aurora kinase protein may help overcome lung cancer resistance to KRAS inhibition
Neurobiologists identify widely used assembling and stabilizing forces behind brain synapses
Study detects origins of Huntington’s disease in 2-week-old human embryos
A novel “biological missile” targeting malignant tumor
Calculating path of cancer
Novel method for trapping HIV inside its host may give rise to new antivirals
Salt stress alters legume responses to symbiotic rhizobacteria by modulating gene expression
Link Between Mutated DNA and Rare Blood Condition
Scientists reveal mechanical activation of SARS-CoV-2 spike to foster viral invasion
Prime Minister’s vaccine sharing commitment welcome, but more must be done
Researchers ID sterol essential for oil accumulation in plants
Organoids and machine learning: image analysis software developed during lockdown
Fixing protein production errors lengthens lifespan
Researchers Show How Protein Clogs in Cellular Entrances Cause Parkinson’s Disease
New barley powdery mildew resistance genes key to future resistance
Missing immune molecule may explain why some HPV patients sprout giant horn-like growths 15 September
Central target for treating dementia
Researchers discover new pathway that prevents bowel cancer treatment from working
Researchers discovered an important role for hydrogen bonding in mitochondrial disease mutation
New study puts focus on early symptoms of Huntington’s disease