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Genetic detectives
Immunological cause of severe COVID-19 identified
New analytical model detects mutations in breast cancer
Pale melanomas masked by albino gene
Asian Cooperative Agreement Convenes 49th Annual Meeting to Discuss Regional Priorities
Diverting cells’ energy pathway could pave way for new Parkinson’s treatments
New insights into colorectal cancer: Growth factor R-spondin suppresses tumor growth
$12.5 million awarded to Montreal team to study Parkinson’s Disease
Labour abandons regions
International collaboration with Vanderbilt scientists sheds light on rare exocyst mutations that cause severe
Mutation leading to biological changes may play role in cancer
Copper coated face masks could help slow transmission of COVID-19: University researchers
Investigational Drug Stops Toxic Proteins Tied to Neurodegenerative Diseases
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute to establish Benderson Family Program for triple-negative breast cancer
Novel targets come into view
Fixing world’s biggest hearts
Re-engineered enzyme could help reverse damage from stroke, spinal cord injury: University study
Tiny engineered therapeutic delivery system safely solves genetic problems in mice
Studying how skin cancer starts
RNA as a future cure for hereditary diseases
Targeted therapy combination effective for patients with advanced cholangiocarcinoma and BRAF mutations
Genetic mutation may hold answers to controlled breathing
Unlocking how cellular proteins control cancer spread
Scientist to resurrect water fleas from U.S. nuclear fallout zone
Dana-Farber launches new Center for prevention and treatment of BRCA-related cancers
Will SARS-CoV-2 escape future drugs by mutating? answer may be a nuanced “no.”
AI-enhanced precision medicine identifies novel autism subtype
Artificial intelligence tool lays groundwork for autism early diagnosis and intervention
Novel approach reduces SCA1 symptoms in animal model
Blood test could predict who will benefit from immunotherapy, researchers find
Study Finds Dedicated Clinics Can Reduce Impact of a Flu Pandemic
Discovery shows promise for treating Huntington’s Disease
Move over Akita: Introducing ‘Kuma Mutant’ Mice for Islet Transplantation Research
An Experimental Drug for Alzheimer’s May Help Children with Autism
An Experimental Drug for Alzheimer’s May Help Children with Autism
Australians with cancer, infants with epilepsy to benefit from PBS listings
Compounds show promise in search for tuberculosis antibiotics
Ludwig San Diego study identifies deadly genetic synergy in cancer cells and shows it might be exploited
How airway cells work together in regeneration and aging
Tastier and More Nutritious Vegetables: Bulgaria Improves Food Quality with IAEA Support
Chemical evolution in a tiny Gulf Stream
HKUMed reveals pathogenic gene of carpal tunnel syndrome providing new directions for prevention and treatment
Breaks in genome
Researchers develop a novel method for diagnosing Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy
Neural vulnerability in Huntington’s disease tied to release of mitochondrial RNA
Encouraging results from trial of inhaled drug to help COVID-19 patients
Rare Mutation of TP53 Gene Leaves People at Higher Risk for Multiple Cancers
When many act as one, data-driven models can reveal key behaviors