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UK announces extra £87 million funding for Rohingya crisis in Bangladesh
Canadian delegation to attend 74th session of United Nations General Assembly
Construction challenges in Bangladesh at a time of climate change
UN Human Rights Council 42 Item 4 General Debate
UN Human Rights Council 42 Interactive Dialogue with Fact-finding Mission on Myanmar
Human Rights Council 42 Interactive Dialogue on Myanmar
Upcoming opportunity: Australia Awards Myanmar (AAM) and Australian alumni in Myanmar program
Relocating Indonesia’s capital from a sinking Jakarta to a forest: A risky but needed move
HKU archaeological team excavates at one of major fortress-settlements
Gladstone: Bulk carrier detained; crew owed $64,000
Futsalroos commence their journey on road to Lithuania
Low cost mobile technology shifts dial on cardiovascular risk in rural Indonesia
How refugees find friendship and hope at Sydney’s English classes
What factors influence ways people access and use antibiotics
Rohingya crisis two years on: internet blackout in Myanmar shows repression continues
Rohingya crisis: 61 NGOs warn of worsening crisis in Myanmar
Shortfall in education opportunities deepens despair of refugee Rohingya youth
World Elephant Day UK gives a helping hand to iconic mammals
Australia-ASEAN Emerging Leaders Program
PM call with President Joko Widodo of Indonesia 3 August 2019
PM call with President Joko Widodo of Indonesia 3 August 2019
Investing in our global future by protecting children affected by conflict
Combatting transnational crime in Southeast Asia
Foreign Secretary goes East to seize economic opportunities of South East Asia
Open-source software can revitalize indigenous languages
NASA TV to Air Launch, Docking of Russian Space Station Cargo Ship
Regulator finds ‘trustees placed charitable funds at risk’
Introducing High Level Panel of Legal Experts on media freedom Amal Clooney’s speech
Flood risk to Rohingya refugees: Oxfam
Seven more cultural sites added to UNESCO’s World Heritage List
KyotoU receives Grand Challenges Explorations grant in global health and development
Project to examine ‘price of birdsong’
UN Human Rights Council 41 Item 4 General Debate
UN Human Rights Council 41 Myanmar
ACCC hosts leaders of South East Asian competition agencies
General Assembly debate on responsibility to protect and prevention of genocide, war crimes
Low-income countries have low levels of epilepsy treatment
Clearing road ahead to reach Zero Hunger in Asia and Pacific
UniSA finds education and support helps young refugees thrive
WHO highlights scarcity of treatment for epilepsy in low-income countries
UK and Indonesia agree to deepen partnership
Inspection report published: Inspection of Country of Origin Information, January 2019
Bangladesh’s Cardinal calls for international community to show action not words in support
From Myanmar to Middle East, from Vienna to Nigeria
Spotlight on Research: What we need to know to sustain our natural resources
FFA confirmed as partner for Government’s Australia now 2019 campaign
First-of-its-kind ammonite in amber offers rare glimpse of ancient sea life
Kehua Crowned Top 3 in Global Industrial UPS Market According to Latest IHS Markit Report