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Angelene Chan, Donna See, and Ong Chong Tee appointed to NUS Board
PM Lee Visits China-Singapore Joint Research Institute
Biomass Waste Extracts Metals from Battery Waste in Pilot Plant
Combination Therapy Treats Vancomycin-Resistant Bacterial Infections
Over SGD1 million raised at Giving Day
Advancing water treatment for sustainable future
Initiative to boost innovation and entrepreneurship launched
Bypassing antibiotic resistance with combination of drugs
New target cells found for Alzheimer’s disease treatment
Singapore-India Hackathon returns for third edition
On-Chip Viscoelasticity Sensor for Biological Fluids
SA space company reaches new heights
Nanotube Sensors Detect and Distinguish Plant Hormones
SMART researchers create new therapy for vancomycin-resistant infections
New approach to stabilise perovskite solar cells without lead
Sustainability, blockchain and quantum tech to be offered in new academic year
Class of 2022 continue to be in demand and earn higher salaries
Universal Connector Makes Stretchable Devices ‘Snap’ Together
NTU Scientists Create Lego-Style Connector for Stretchable Devices
AI Massage Robot Trials Begin in US, Singapore
Vietnam, National Innovation Centre Join Forces for Research & Innovation
Sea-level rise drove SEA early settlers to migrate: Study
NTU Career Fair 2023 Offers Management Associate Programme
Brainwave Rhythms Speed Up Learning in Adults: Study
“Spleen-on-a-chip” yields insight into sickle cell disease
Food solutions for sustainable tomorrow
Quantum Sensors Observe Weyl Photocurrents
Artificial Skin: Can it Outperform Human Sensors?
Singapore High Commissioner Visits Imperial for Medical Robotics Viewing
Scientists Demonstrate Quantum Recoil, Advancing X-Ray Imaging
Team Finishes Examining Copper for Lithium Battery Anodes
Scientists turn up heat on physics phenomenon
NTU and EU Launch Inaugural Exhibition of Regional Artist Works
Palau’s Rock Islands Home to Heat-Resistant Corals
Brushstroke of genius: intersecting science and creativity fine art
Chatbots can help treat symptoms in people with depression
Research to help Singapore develop smarter and more resilient energy grids
Tracking health of 100,000 Singaporeans to identify new ways to prevent diseases
NTU and Indonesia’s MOECRT establish INSPIRASI for sustainable development
Research Reveals Animals We View as ‘Friends’, ‘Food’ and Worth Defending
Growing regional cybersecurity ecosystem with Mastercard
New NTU Biosafety Level 3 lab joins nation’s fight Covid and future pandemics
Combatting tuberculosis, “captain of all these men of death”
Livent and NTU Singapore partner to accelerate innovation in sustainable lithium battery technologies
S$160 million research centre launched to close gap between biological and digital worlds
New 3D printing method to fabricate complex metal-plastic composite structures
Imperial and NTU Singapore form wide-ranging partnership to expand collaboration
Photonic Advances Enhance Imaging Techniques