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COVID-19 patients risk blood clot formation due to overactive immune response
NTU Singapore scientists design ‘smart’ device to harvest daylight
NTU Singapore scientists develop diagnostic test that can detect virus that causes COVID-19 even when it mutates
New AI technique could help doctors predict aneurysm rupture
NTU Singapore scientists develop antibacterial gel bandage using durian husk
Things to Do at Penn State: March 25
Sea-Level Rise in 20th Century was Fastest in 2,000 years Along Much of East Coast
NTU Singapore, Brown and MIT team develops artificial intelligence platform to assess blood vessel anomalies and eye disease
Safety concerns determine level of public support for driverless vehicles, finds NTU Singapore study
NTU Singapore scientists develop device to ‘communicate’ with plants using electrical signals
Security most important to retaining mobile banking customers, NTU-WeBank study finds
Pandemic emphasizes need for digital literacy education
NTU Singapore scientists design compound that targets enzyme linked to autoimmune disorders and severe COVID-19
NTU Singapore and Education Services Union commit $500,000 to boost employees’ digital skills
“Breathing” Himalaya
Eight NTU subjects in global top 10
SMART develops analytical tools to enable next-generation agriculture
NTU Singapore scientists develop laser system that generates random numbers at ultrafast speeds
Researchers discover potential therapeutic targets on SARS-CoV-2 Spike protein
New probiotic ice cube developed by Iceman and NTU Singapore hits supermarket shelves
A new tool to investigate bacteria behind hospital infections
Dishing up 3D printed food, one tasty printout at a time
NTU study finds Singapore public less keen on drone use in residential areas than in industrial zones
Building bacteria barriers: Why our office spaces might not be as safe as we think
Spike in use of online communication apps among Singapore residents could be driven by feelings of isolation during COVID-19, finds
NTU Singapore launches new strategic plan, remaking learning, innovation and interdisciplinary collaboration
NTU Singapore start-up commercialises AI algorithm that can detect leaks instantly in gas pipeline networks
Aggressive Video Games: Effects on Mental Health and Behaviors in Young People
NTU Singapore scientists develop oral insulin nanoparticles that could one day be an alternative to injections
Researchers combine processors and memory on multiple hybrid chips to run AI on battery-powered smart devices
Portable device can quickly detect plant stress
NTU Singapore and Temasek Foundation host Asia’s young leaders at regional dialogue to discuss inequality
NTU Singapore study suggests link between word choices and extraverts
Southampton academic receives Singapore’s highest honour
Reliable anti-counterfeit checks under extreme conditions
NTU scientists invent glue activated by magnetic field
At start of pandemic, young Singaporeans regarded COVID-19 as a threat to older generation but not to themselves
SMART discovery allows early detection of shade avoidance syndrome
SMART researchers engineer a plant-based sensor to monitor arsenic levels in soil
NTU Singapore, Surbana Jurong and ENGIE to partner for sustainable liquid air energy storage research
NTU Singapore’s joint research institute in Guangzhou, China, receives S$61 million funding boost
NTU and A*STAR Scientists discover role of protein in detecting common cold virus
One in three who are aware of deepfakes say they have inadvertently shared them on social media
ARC funding boost for UC research projects
NTU Singapore launches new Accountancy Work-Study Degree Programme
Largest number of highly cited researchers in Singapore comes from NTU Singapore for third successive year
NTU Singapore teams up with Association for Persons with Special Needs and YOOZOO Games to create apps that aid
Former piece of Pacific Ocean floor imaged deep beneath China