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Study shows that sea level could rise more than 1m by 2100 if emission targets are not met
NCID, NUS and NTU Studies Highlight Role of Socio-Behavioural Factors in Managing COVID-19
NTU Singapore announces partnership initiative to offer internship opportunities
NTU scientists develop sustainable way to extract chitin from prawn shells by fermenting it with fruit waste
Augmented reality magazine by NTU Singapore earns international recognition with brand new reading experience
3 Questions: Hadley Sikes on searching for a Covid-19 protein test
NTU and SMI launch comprehensive report to help shipping industry adopt alternative and greener fuels
Guide for COVID-19 remote consultation by primary carers designed by NTU Singapore scientist
Study unlocks secret of corals’ tolerance to climate change: their diet
Pollen-based ‘paper’ holds promise for new generation of natural components
NTU scientists develop handheld, high-resolution medical imaging device with potential for bedside
NTU scientists transform ultra-tough pollen into flexible material
Machine learning technique sharpens prediction of material’s mechanical properties
Deep learning for mechanical property evaluation
An Ultimate One-dimensional Electronic Channel In Hexagonal Boron nitride
A laser that can route light around corners
First electrically-driven ‘topological’ laser developed by NTU Singapore and University of Leeds
Critical flaw demonstrated in common digital security algorithm
HP-NTU Corporate Lab Showcases R&D Innovations; Announces Digital Manufacturing Skills Development
Physicists prove that 2D and 3D liquids are fundamentally different
NTU and SERI launch joint laboratory to develop advanced ocular imaging technologies
NTU Singapore scientists find easier way to harvest healing factors from adult stem cells
Only 1 in 10 suicide prevention apps cover all recommended strategies, NTU Singapore study finds
Compound in green tea plant shows potential for fighting tuberculosis
NTU Singapore scientists convert plastics into useful chemicals using sunlight
NTU scientists uncover structure of key pneumonia virus enzyme
Asia-wide genome mapping project reveals insights into Asian ancestry and genetic diversity
NTU, NNI and NHG launch Singapore’s first brain bank to study neurological disorders
Bacteria in gut may alter ageing process, finds NTU Singapore study
NTU Singapore researchers develop quantum communication chip 1,000 times smaller than current setups
NTU Singapore ranked No.2 in Nature Index’s inaugural Young Universities ranking
NTU climbs 6 places to No.43 in US News and World Report Global Universities Rankings
NTU Singapore and GLOBALFOUNDRIES Singapore to jointly explore next-gen memory technology
NTU Singapore and M1 ink partnership to develop Singapore’s first 5G C-V2X research testbed
NTU Singapore start-up unveils robot with human-like dexterous grip
Rice irrigation intensified landslides in deadliest earthquake of 2018, finds NTU study
Children told lies by parents subsequently lie more as adults and face adjustment difficulties
NTU Singapore scientists build chip to analyse health of white blood cells
NTU Singapore scientists develop technique to observe radiation damage over a quadrillionth of
Quantum Alchemy: Researchers use laser light to transform metal into magnet
NTU Singapore scientists develop molecular probe to track disease progress and monitor drug efficacy
NTU Singapore breaks into global top 50 in Times Higher Education rankings
NTU Singapore scientists suggest future approach for tackling age-related muscle loss
NTU scientists develop optical ruler that can measure down to nanoscale
Parenting stress may affect mother’s and child’s ability to tune in to each other
Self-rolling Sensors Take Heart Cell Readings in 3D
NTU Singapore leverages AI and machine learning to fight money laundering
‘Mini kidneys’ grown from stem cells provide new insights into kidney disease and potential