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Scientists studying hidden recorders of changing sea levels at Sentosa
New security evaluation centre to ensure hardware devices play NiCE
NTU President conferred honorary degree by Iowa State University
Urine, bacteria, and calcium: green and simple recipe for biocement
AI in finance: Taming beast
As big as it gets: Hunga volcano comparable to Krakatoa
Psychopathic individuals more likely to have larger striatum region in brain: Study
Focusing on robotics, mobility, and Industry 4.0 through SHARE
Researchers use recycled glass waste as sand replacement in 3D printing
Recycled glass waste replaces sand in 3D printing
Researchers discover drug-resistant environmental mould is capable of infecting people
Researchers discover drug-resistant mould is capable of infecting people
Scientists discover drug-resistant environmental mold is capable of infecting people
Shedding light on ‘Asian dementia’
Research centre predicts disease progression with data
New Humanities and Social Sciences VP for Queen Mary
Two new labs to accelerate and commercialise cleantech research
StemiGen Therapeutics gifts S$1.2 million to support research in osteoarthritis
Study finds saturated fat can worsen diabetes
NTU ranked among Top 120 Best Employers in Singapore
Researchers demonstrate that some tropical plants have potential to remove toxic heavy metals from soil
Using local plants to remove toxic metals from soil
1st Energy & Informatics International Forum held
Commuting conditions and their impact on workers returning to office
Equal opportunities in workplace: For better or worse?
Study sheds light on challenges faced by Singapore women in STEM
NTU Singapore’s rankings rises across five broad subject areas
Turning plastic trash into clean hydrogen fuel
Researchers develop recyclable pollen-based paper for repeated printing and ‘unprinting’
Pollen paper that you can print on and ‘unprint’
Motion capture system to speed up physiotherapy visits
NTU to develop technologies to extract hydrogen, supported by industry collaborators
Researchers develop coated probiotics that could be effectively delivered into human gut
Delivering ‘good’ bacteria into our guts
Light derails electrons through graphene
Scientists control brain circuits from distance using infrared light
Fighting obesity with fermented soybean waste
Using microalgae to produce an alternative to palm oil
Eminent scientists to feature in medical school’s Distinguished Visitor programme
New technique opens door to cheaper semiconductors, higher chip yield
Researchers from NTU Singapore and Korea’s KIMM devise new technique to increase chip yield from semiconductor wafer
A fabric that “hears” your heartbeat
Sneaking large drug-carrying biological molecules into human cells
New corporate sustainability courses offered by Nanyang Business School
T2KN CAMPUS Asia Plus Online Winter Camp welcomes over 30 students from Asia’s top science and technology universities
NTU and MINDEF launch new Work-Learn Scheme for Digital Specialists
SMART researchers discover unique lysin capable of killing multidrug-resistant bacteria
Quick way to check quality of 3d-printed alloys